My DC5 - Update

Post by adminsdd 18/03/2012 0 Comment My Car Build,
Well lacking in content from the weekend due to missing the cleaned-uk meet at ace cafe, I've decided just to update you on my own car.cleanI bought the Integra & after living with it for a little while I've realised that it was not as clean as I'd been lead to believe. the body work in my opinion is hanging out of its arse, but this year is just me focusing on getting it fully ready to drive.sideI put some AD08's on the front tyres 225/45/17, added my eibach coilovers (awaiting the Eibach camber bolts to make it drive right) But I still love it. Im going to get it resprayed in the winter as this winter took a toll on the poor car. But I am still deciding on what colour to go but, whatever I go for it will be a proper job.carcar
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