My Own Honda Civic build.

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So, here's where this story begin's.Back in 2006, i got my hands on my first car, a 2005 Honda Civic Sport 1.6 vtec, which i LOVED it really was the GEM of my life! I got it completly standard, this was way before i joined any car club's or had even realised there was a honda scene in the world, litrally i just knew what i liked, and how i wanted my car. it turned out like this:null nullI litrally did love this car & I Spent a fortune on it, Simple mod's but i believe its not the Quantity, its the QUALITY Which i think ALOT of people have forgot that is what it should be about, ok the wheels were pretty gashy, but like i said, i didn't know about a japanese culture back then. and i still think they suited it. Also, had a Spoon n1 back box, and the Only spoon B pipe modified to fit the EP2 that i know about anywhere! Pretty sweet hey?one night, i was driving home from work, where a deer run out infront of me, competely wrecked my car. nullSo, here's where my journey got confusing. as at this point i was in the scene's and all the rest of it, so i went on a search for a new car happened, i went and looked at Audi's, Volkswagen's, Ford's, Suzuki's, You know, the usual suspects, the german and Japanese branded cars mainly but the one thing that plauged me was that i Love honda's So much, i had always wanted one, and always had one in the family, just a trust thing i think! So after hearing LOADS of Negative, but ALWAYS the same sheep replys about the 8th Gen European Civic, i decided that after working with Honda for a long time, that was what i should be looking at, and i saw a 2008 Tango Orange Honda Civic Type S 1.8iVtec GT with IMAGE pack (costly extra) with every extra you can imagine! So i saw it the next day when they bought it down, and then i set about telling the Honda kids, HAHA!! The reaction i got! seriously, same old-Dont like this shape, horrible imo -Boring, Dont handel etcetcetc -Looks liek a space ship etc etc!all the usual remarks of people that CANNOT See the potential in things! not only that, people that ONLY do things that have been done!!So, Once the car was mine I got it home: null nullHonestly, i believed i was going to keep it like that, but when i got bored with my EG Project, i Turned my eye to this, i ordered up a Set of KW V1 Coilovers:nullWhich ment I had to fit them!Oh, i forgot, i don't know how, So a phone call later, and i was on my way up to Raunds to see james (tegboy) to get him to fit them for a few pennys and a burger king :D Obviously, i did my bit when he fitted them, by taking pictures, but hey! thats what friends are for! lol.null null null nullSo once he'd done that. I thought it was best to take some pictures of it.Honestly now, i don't mess about, so if i'm doing something i want to do it properly.So the coilovers were set at the lowest i thought they could be set at. Hah honestly, it was ridiculous, i personally thought it looked insane! i was sooo pleased with it!!null null nullnullSo, the next thing to do was colour coding, so it went down to Fulford Motorsport in langham to get it colour coded!! now this, i wasnt sure about as i left fulfords, I wasnt sure to get it done or not, but when i turned up, The smile on my face appeared as i KNEW id made the right choice to get it done, once again, Transforming the car into something completly unique! (THIS WAS BEFORE HONDA STARTED DOING IT AS STANDARD)null null nullHonestly, once this was done, it felt like it really was MY car now, The blue civic was now, a thing of the past! This had taken that cars place completly!I thought i would just leave it like this to be honest, i was happy with how it was, untill i found out i could actually upgrade the headunit- now this isnt as stupid as it sounds as the headunit not only does radio but also controlls all Airconditioning/climate control etc, so i was told by everyone you couldnt swap it, which also turned out to be wrong, it was expencive, but i could have it done. so i decided to.nullAlso Honda fans will spot the SPOON SPORTS Gear knob there too,So After That, I was litrally browsing the internet one day and i saw this 09 Facelift grill for a goooood price, so i snapped it up, turned out it was a Honda dealer clearing out stock ! so it was brand new from honda- result! so i fitted this myself, and did a pretty decent job i have to say. hahanull nullat this point i had also fitted 8K HID's.I hit up a Bonnet bra for it too, because the paint isnt the highest quality and Chips really easy, and as im doing alot of miles in it, i decided to make sure this was happening.nullother than that, if i remember any other bits i will update it! but my journey with this car has now come to an end :( i have got it up for sale absoultly everywhere but i am no way desperate to sell infact, its the oposite. But i honestly hope i've managed to change people's stupid little opinion's on these. They are Fantastic cars, il update a picture of the dashboard when i get round to getting one, but it is mind blowingly cool. and I look forward to seeing what more people do with these in the future.null null nullContinued ***So Like I thought, I was going to sell it, Well that didn't happen. I Found a set of rega's whilst working in America which I bought for my next car (dc5) Well I got bored one day so chucked them on the civic, and i loved it. civBut that literally is the end now.its back to standard, And getting picked up this evening by its new owner. *14-10-10*Sad day> but i love my new car already. So wont miss this to much to be honest.