One rainy night in Colchester, Essex.

Post by adminsdd 28/09/2010 0 Comment Car Meet's,
So I'd managed to pick, the coldest, wettest weekend of the year so far to organise a Honda meet. lol Typical?!Well i turned up in my newly aquired Dc5, in the, Pouring rain, to find an empty car park. not surprised, a few minutes past then Anton turned up!in his Mk2 Golf lol.Awesome so i had a Honda meet with me and a native Colchester Volkswagen owner haha. Rikz then turned up in his Super clean coupe with an incredible smoothed engine bay, courtesy of Endless Horizion, so all was not lost, lol i got to see one Clean honda at least...........then all of a sudden, i could hear the valves chimming and Vtec was heading our way, honestly i couldnt believe it, after 1 hour of only having 3 cars present we'd gone well up into having 20 Odd cars turning up, then the rest of Honda Culture showed giving us very healthy turnout for an almost storm like weather haha.We made the decision to move to a Multistory, so i could get some pictures, so we had a strong convoy of awesome car's heading to a car park i knew we were getting kicked out of, but I just wanted to try being a Good host.sunnyAfter being in the car park for about 5 minutes, Essex police turned up and could not have been more helpful, they didnt mind us there but security did. but they bought us an extra half hour so we could get some pictures.TypeGRrr's SUPER clean CRX SIR, LOVE this!! CrxLove this subtle red coupe too. Red CoupeChris making his statement lol VTEC ONLYBobby's Turbo'd Esi. TubbyLike i said, the turn out was really good for the weather, people coming from London, Basildon and even as far as Milton Keynes for this meet made it have a really good relaxed vibe.meetOwen's Freshly Turbo'd DC2 dc2Jon's ever fresh EK9. I understand that rota's make good quality wheels and are brand new and all that, but in my honest opinion, the impact a set of genuine Rega's can make over a set of slipstreams is crazy. I mean just Check them on Jon's EK9 and above on Owen's DC2, and tell me it would have the same presence on a set of Rota's?ek9Dirty dealings going on, genuine wheels is like crack to some people. Rikz n jonRikz incredible engine bay on his coupe: RikzAfter we had agreed with the Police a set time to be out of the multi story i wanted to a hear to what they wanted as they were being very accommodating with us, so we moved one, Some people said their goodbyes here because of the weather n journey home and getting lost on the way to the next location . We Headed to Manningtree train station underground for the final part of the meet, somewhere local to me thank god haha.DN's wheeldc2The lighting was much better in the Manningtree MultistoryaccordbobsI really want to thank everyone that turned up, honestly its greatly appriciated that you lot made the effort for coming!! Really made it a great night in the aweful weather cant wait for the next one!dnKeep check on the flickr for a few more pics!! Didnt have enough time to edit them all so far.