Pink Friday.

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titleThe title is this for a reason, the reason being Nicki Minaj's album was playing in Anton's mk2 on the sunday he picked me up for his shoot, not only that, the interior is bright pink lol, like seriously bright pink, id never actually been inside his car before and saw it as a more dark pink, but nope, bright bright pink ! Which I found awesome! It really brings the car to life, and when you have a Mk2 Golf with BBS's on it, its things like that which makes it stand out, when I see the interior, It reminds me of that Family Guy episode, "POW, Right in the kisser!"InteriorAnyway the Golf isnt just special because it has a bright girly pink interior, which, I'm not sure if I've mentioned, ITS REALLY PINK!! It's also one of the original left hand drive G60's that game into the country. Now you'll have to bare with me (its national bare day today so i had to get that in there) like i always mention, I'm a Honda kid, so when writing about Volkswagens i always have to double check on everything, and I will still get loads of things wrong. So take it easy on me haha.The G60 came into the country in fantastic condition, So much infact, it still has its original paint, with no rust and from what I saw up close, very few cosmetic scratches either! I think I may upset a few of the more hardcore dubbers when I say this, but knowing that I will make a few others of them rather excited il proceed, the car had the original engine replaced with an Audi S3 AMK lump running a K04 Turbo, its fast, I can vouch for that, running around 280Bhp from what Anton told me.FrontbackWe had no Location planned so we went for a little drive around the countryside of Essex which allowed Anton and I to catch up as Anton used to have a Superchargd EP3 and we used to see each other a lot, but as you know life progresses and you dont get to see some people you want to, part of life! Sorry im rambling, back to the car. Anton told me the plan for this was for it to be a keeper, which was a slight surprise as he normally has a new car every month, but I can see why, the golf has character, just being in it made me smile, the stupid interior, the fact that i was sat where he should be, the looks from others when they see the passenger with no hands on the steering wheel, its a good crack, and in fantastic condition.The location we eventually settled on was a crackerwalkingThe location obviously helps the pictures, but the car really is so easy on the eye, the colour is awesome, the BBS RS 012's also are stunning, gold bolts, polished dishes, I really hope my pictures do it justice!RearfrontThe pink Recaro Speed's (Still a bit of JDM in Anton no matter how hard he tries to escape ;p)InteriorThe golf also features an Audio Setup, which sounds fantastic and looks great too;bootbuildFront againwashedIphone Background: iphoneI had a real fun day shooting this, Anton's quality and if you have any future questions about this car, go ask him at show's he'll happily speak to you about it, its got a spec list as long as my arm with some seriously awesome goodies!longAntonsittingThank you for viewing/reading, i hope you've enjoyed the pictures! See you at a show soon ;)End