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I'd been told by everyone who had gone the previous years that this was one of the show's of the year. they said it was a mainly VAG show but with other cars welcome to come along and show in the show and shine.As id just left a deposit on my new non Vag car, and still had possesion of my civic in its current form i thought i should take it along for one last show, you know, go out in style.Got up stupidly early because of the dub kids wanting to get a good spot in the air craft hanger, which turned out a bit messy overall to be honest, but il get to that in a bit. We left so early and they said that we had such little time, I didn't even get my normal car show fast food breakfast, which I guess was good as we'd been round Nath's for a chinese the night before.Convoying up, (thankfully this show was only 40 minutes from us unlike the normal 2 hour drives) it didnt take long! The car's were all clean, but the road's were not to favourable for low cars, which is fine.if you have air ride.Which neither Nath nor I had. you see we are hardcore coilover kids (well Nath is at the minute.........homo)Anyway like I'd said, I hadn't been before, so i had no idea what this show was going to be like, as we rolled in (after getting lost because of sat nav issues) the venue was HUGE.civWhen I rolled in, I parked up where i thought the club stands were (Basically where id been directed to go) and then I wiped down my car, got out to walk around, then 5 minutes later, a phone call, "can you move your car", yeah sure no probs, went and moved it. once again, when i get to the other side of the show field, another phone call, "can you come and move your car its in the way of blabla" SERIOUSLY CBA at this point, just parked it in the show and shine, this is my only negitive bit of the day, the lack of organisation. But 1 Negative bit out of a WHOLE show, not bad eh?civ2 Massive air Craft hangers, Maguire's & Fast Car Providing us with Richie don for the Day with his DJ'ing skills and the Endless ammounts of Clean, Stanced volkswagen's. I mean what more could you want?!yellow mk1Once again, as is expected now from a UK Volkswagen show, the overall quality of the car's is amazing. So many FEATURE cars are at these events its hard to choose what ones to put on here!Golf mk2 purpleSome amazing old school Volkswagens were on display as always...GhiaThis is one of my favourite mk2'sMk2I really like cars that try and push the limits, instead of just settling for "Sick" or "rad" they go beyond that to the point where people are confusing words to try and make up a Simile awesome enough for it, which is what this MK4 Golf was doing, all day.sickradballer Also, With the other Marques of car's on show it made it interesting for the whole day, I got pretty excitable when I saw this incredible SL55 AMG MercedesSlCar of the show?: BMW M3And this beautiful BMW MZSMZOGBMZM4 thing whatever it is (not to clued up on my bmw's not going to lie lol):bmwAlso Honda Culture present:hcMy Personal Favourite Volkswagen from the show is this:ZombieThe Car is pretty much an Internet superstar now, seen on every blog near enough going. But its understandable why, its such an ANTI Dub car, maybe that's why i like it, its still got a stance,but not what I'd see has "hard parked" more, "I'm going to stab your dad, rape your mum and live in your dead granmas house and I do not give a &@%$ What anyone else has got to say"Maybe that's why I like it. I can't even say this car is what I see the Future of the dub scene being, its more of a Stand alone superstar inside a world of Splits and Air Ride.Basically that's it. I enjoyed the show. I will definitely be going again next year. Cannot wait to see a few of these car's again and hopefully speak to the owners and organise some sort of shoot for them for a feature on here! It was sad leaving the show in the civic though, knowing it was the last one I was taking it too. But onwards and upwards :)