Players 5.0

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Players is one of the show's I know will always be killer. The guys that run it own a variation of car's that many people can only dream of one day being in the position to afford, let alone modify.They provide a great atmosphere which is very family friendly & also have use of the air hangers which creates a very unique aspect for the show & cover incase it rains.All of this in my knowledge, you'd thought I'd have learnt better by now and not got smashed the night before. I Promise im not an alcoholic all you guys must read on here is "the night before I got royally fucked so im sorry that this aint that great" but whatever im young & my Job during the week isnt exactly the most exciting so give me a break haha.

I made my way up arriving around lunch time, still hanging out my arse I didnt take to many pictures, I simply couldn't be bothered. But here are the pictures I did manage to do:

Cossy front

back of cossy

First car that I got my hungover head beat with when I walked into the show with was this stunning origonal Sierra "COSSEH" Cosworth, these are fairly rare car's & hold their money like crazy. Fantastic car to look around in such great condition.


I wish I could afford an E92 Bmw.


S15 Parked next to a Mk1 Volkswagen caddy


Lee's Clean EG


Estate 3 Series, really liked its hard presence


Stanced MX5


Mk2 On BBS RS's, also a recent winner of a 6two1 Facebook contest...


Incredible E55 AMG.


Yellow Colour concept mk3 on some nice wheels, didn't check what they were though.


Not quite sure what this is, but it made me smile.


Once again this Buick is making an appearance on here, I really want to meet up with its owner for a full shoot. I love the character the car has, one of my favourites.


Fyse Dc2 in the hanger


This EG on the surface looks great, really low, Clean body work, tucked & resprayed bay in all the car ticked a lot of the boxes for me, but im going to be critical of it because I am a huge honda head and some shit gets to me, some crappy eBay looking steering wheel with a Porsche badge, old porsche tombstone seats & the golf balls on the wheels completely ruined the whole car for me, I wish it didn't have these tacky little additions as it would be one of my favourite car's in the country if so, It's like seeing a stunning girl with a cigarette hanging out her mouth, ruins the girl as a whole. It seem's like the owner is trying to cross the scene's or something and for me it just doesn't work, shame really as the wheels, body work & the other bits I mentioned really do work great.


Another awesome Mercedes

Kid rolling in style


This old school Bmw looks like it really means business.

Players is a great show, year after year proving itself to these main show's that are charging Big money for a day ticket, that for a tenner you can go and have a really good day out at one of the best, if not THE best car show of the year. I love the huge amounts of cars on show, all very much up to show quality. Big branded cars coming out to play along side the Honda's, Vw's & Audis. Thank you Player's. Roll on 6.0.