Players 6.0

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Better late than never, as you may have been able to tell I have been catching up with the previous shows I have missed because the site was down, I still have goodwood which seems like an eternity ago now to post up but I really havnt had the time & I have not even finished editing the pictures. Today we focus on Players 6.0, one of the most anticipated shows of the year, and this year it was HUGE.camperPrevious years have always seen good attendance, but this year we rocked up the usual time & not only was the show and shine area full, but it had over run into the general parking. We being the sneaky bunch we are evaided the tape and managed to get onto the main show field, only for my fucking idiot friend Peck to put a napkin on my wheel arch so every image of my car I've seen from the show has been ruined by that prick. Nevermind.sciroccoAs is come to be expected from Players, the show is one of the most diverse yet full of quality show's you will come across as you will see from my Images. I didn't get pictures of everyone's cars. This year I avoid drinking the night before even though I was exhausted from the Friday night I had out in London with my Irish friends, yet they decided to come crash my house on the Saturday in the middle of the night, not sleeping until 5:30am. So i got 2 whole hours of sleep, 6 in total over the 2 days, so my excuse this year was that I was tired. haha, I spent most of my time sat down to be honest, but I was suprised I even made it.You'll see from my images, most of the time im quite close to the car, this is just through sheer amounts of people that attended, couldn't really get any form of cool shots going on, well, i could, but being that tired & having that many people, I simply couldnt be bothered.corradoOne thing that really made the show for me was these 2 cars from Art99erformance in Spain. These car's I'd seen on the net and really admired. I love Yellow cars so the A4 on the Rotiforms blew me away, only to be trumped by the BMW which has had the M3 front end swap. Looked fantastic.a4BmwNow if Darth Vader drove an MX5...mx5Players Crew member's amazing Mk1 Golf from what I hear is going to be seeing the mk1Always been a fan of Corrado's, have always fancied one of the Yellow ones. Really liked this silver one on BLQ'ssilver corradothis black beetle was fantastic..beetleAs was this Mk1 Golf..mk1 golfIf I had to pick a car of the show, I'd award it to this, I LOVE this car. Every time I see it, that love grows more, If anyone know's the owner ask them to get in touch as I would love to feature this car properly.Mk1 jettaRollhard were on show, along with Dan Allard's S2000 premiering its freshly built BBS's..bbs s2kThis was different, was cool too. cant say I'd let someone do it to my Integra but it is fancy none the less!bmw grafRecently S2000's have been popping up everywhere, this one though has been around for a little while, I love the bonnet & front bumperblack s2kFlip paint GTR..GTRStunning G60 on BBS RS's..bbs rsAgressive Leon on, what I am taking a guess at are Rota Grids, but like I said I really didn't pay much attention as I was not fully functioning...leonClean TT..Audi TT.....Monster lurking...boatHarv's Civic...harvThis S2000 was in the extended show & shine, it was very clean example. I feel with the lips it had on it, a massive wing would compliment it nicely..s2kBlack on Black M3.bmwm3Stanced out EP1 on Borbet A's, very neglected model of civic...civicStunning Buick Lowrider, the car entered the show the same time as us and was playing with its hydros in the cue, sooo jealous.lowriderThe wheels on this Toyota AE86 now occupy my friend Tom Crowthers very own AE86..AE86Sam Evans & Crew arrived fashionably late rocking his new Enkeis...Sam Evans and crewNot quite sure happened to this guy, but erm, I took a picture anyway..crashed golfStunning mk1 Escort..escortSo cool...surferdudeDamo's Family wagon..PassatBefore I noticed the numberplate I was admiring how good this MK5 GTI looked, then I realised it was owned by Rich who probably wouldnt remember me but I met him at edition about 5 years ago. He built a MK5 Golf Anniversary, resprayed it grey on red Porsche wheels.richCW EP3. Few facelift JDM EP3s came over, so I am not sure wether this is a JDM Ep3 or A EDM EP3, but either way it looks like it is set up for some serious track action with that wrap around Cobra seat lurking in the cockpit..ep3Tidy Saxo...saxSimplicity is sometimes of our REVIT friends from Edition..revitttBeen able to get to know Tino over the last few months, hes a great guy, one of the kind of guys that keeps what he loves alive in this country, not by following trends but by following his upbriging and what he love's. We need more people like this in our scenes. The following images are the group of cars that all rolled intogether, starting with Tino's Citreon DS..DSDSrearBuick...sickbuickcool americaestateestae rearThere were a few other really cool cars with them but I didnt have the chance to get a clear picture due to sheer amounts of people around..Don't know what model VW this is, il call it a war wagonwarwagonLamborghini Diablo....lmaboWas a real pleasure to look around this car. Defiantly is a dream.rearYaz & Loonys civics..CivicsSeriously well looked after Yellow Mk1 golf..golfPrelude from Poland... not sure if they came over for the show or if they live here but the car was very nice on the 3 piece wheels none the less...niceJamies Rotiformed, air'd Punto...puntoSmooth Clio...clioThis M3 has been getting a lot of coverage for its engine work recently... but, I didn't get an engine picture. hah, gotta laugh.M3Civic on XXRs....EkNathan.F9nathDesign4 RS4...rs4stunning on the Rotiforms..Rs4Beautifully done MX5...MX5Gangster 6Series.bmwJag's bodyshops Mercedes..ercStarkys Starkys Beetle ! Both red. Common you gooooners! (Football reference, some of you may not understand, dont worry)beetleJordans Mini..miniTom Evans EVO5, representing 6TWO1 on the rear screen! thanks dude!tevensThe colour on this 240Z really took me, very deep, beautiful.240zhave been checking this next cars build thread on edition 38 for a while, its really just as clean in real live, very impressive stuff..porscheAwesome Ford hotrod...HotrodMK6 Golf on SVA Rotiforms..Rotiformsthe Mikes Yellow DA from Bovingdon show but now on his other set of wheels..daBig Pimpin'..Merc Oli from RPM was there shooting for fast car having as much as a mare as I was in the hanger with the lighting, glad I wasnt covering the event for a mag or I'd have been stressing serrrious haha.I sought out his CRX Del sol...rpmSaw this old 911 from a distance and was literally running on my last few breaths so I snapped it from a distance, ...distnceMk1 Caddy..caddyCivic on DZ exlusiv's took the place of the Lamborghini once it left..CivicJosh's CRX on his new Enkei Wheels...looks so awesome...CrxFappy on its new Gotti split wheels...gotti dc2Finally finishing on this Fiesta ST on teal coloured wheels.fiestaThe coverage, is a bit bland, i know, im sorry I really was considering not even going to the event, im glad as many pictures came out in focus as they did haha. So hope you enjoyed the images.