Polo. Sam Polo.

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I knew the car before i knew the owner, he's had it since I started really getting to know the guys involved in car scenes around colchester etc. It's been through alot of changes, but as it stands now it is defiantly (in my opinion) looking its best.Sam, weather he liked it or not has adapted his name to this car, thats how well everyone knew it and that it was his car, Anyone that mentioned "Sam Polo" we knew who it was.He rang me to say that his car was being sold, but he didnt have any pictures & i also had no shoots lined up for 6TWO1 So perfect reason to get the camera out.I will find out some more details about the car from him but im fairly sure its a G40 With an Eaton Supercharger?His brother and himself did the swap, (Brother is owner of TEM-Sport) and its always been a crowd puller at shows. Especially when he started it up and made it whine like a cat stuck under a wheel!enginerearHe took me out in the little go kart like car and reminded me that i HATE fixed buckets haha but we found this little lane which was pretty awesome.lightlaneObviously the car hasnt just had the engine dropped in, its gone from being origionally white, to Matt black, now back to white, Been dropped on Coilovers (its been alot lower but the recent 16inch Rotas mean it cant sit that low any longer) Tinted head lights, Splitter, Bucket Seats, Ah tbh i dont know all the mods, if it was a civic i could tell you everything by looking at the pictures but with Dubs i struggle so im sorry for that, but il get sam on the case to let you lot know. Just for now, enjoy the rest of the pictures.lane frontStickerssunhomehdrSam won the F6Squared Award at players for this car i think it was best home brewed car or somthing along those lines, i hadnt stuck around for the awards as i was bored haha but yeah he's been noticed for it before.he now owns a honda, so looking forward to seeing what he does with a EJ Civic !