Preparing Godzilla......

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I blame Gran Turismo 1, on the PS1. For the almost verging on obsession with GTR's. Of all shapes and size's. So now twenny quid has one himself, it means I'm sniffing around it whenever I get the chance too.

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Owen that used to own the DC2 which has made a few appearences on here has picked up a R32, and almost instantly taken it into his garage and started smashing it and stripping it preparing it for the rebuild.


The story will continue once the car is back from paint, Owen's the dude that I give my car to locally to do work on, I know he know's how to build a car. So I'm excited to see what he can do with his own car.

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It's going to be a Monster.


You can see Harv in this picture giving a hand removing the windows...with a hammer.

Check back soon for updates on this beast!