Post by adminsdd 21/10/2010 0 Comment Car Photoshoots,
Nath's Scirocco is has become one of my favourite cars in this "game" that people see as the Volkswagen scene.VW SceneSome people look on forums constantly for Ideas to steal from others car's to better theirs, others look in magazines and then, just occasionally, you get that person that doesn't need to, they just know what's going to look good. They just know deep down it will work.The last time I did pictures of Naths Rocco properly, it was a while ago now & it looked like this origional.And it looked good. No Denying it, i mean common its a spankin' new scirocco, few people will say they look bad as standard let alone dumped on its arse!He let me know that its going in for some pretty major work at the end of this month & i realised i still hadnt got round to doing pictures of it in its current state, which was awesome, as It's bloody freezing in Essex now and the only chance we had was Wednesday night, It was cold. infact my toes are still cold from it and its midway through the next monring. I'll start using my Snowboarding socks haha anyway enough about that, back to the car;The Vw Scirocco look's great in any light, rolling it looks so sleak, even when its doing nothing it still looks so smooth and pure & with the added Stance that Nath has given the rocco is face meltingly awesome.bayrearsideLike i always say, maybe its because im a crap photographer haha but i dont do it professionally and i dont charge so people can't complain, but i wasnt happy with alot of the pictures, but a few are ok, bit dark though, i really need to learn how to use them flashes. I cannot help by try an HDR from time to time : hdrAnyway, Nath's Rocco is awesome, it's not a cheque book car built to make him famous, or get mag covers, its simply him having the oppertunity to build an awesome car that he want's to look awesome. Look out for it at the show's next year, He wont tell me the wheels he's getting so I've worked out they must be TSW Venoms. So look for the low rocco on the venoms.Scene