Spoon Parts

Post by adminsdd 29/10/2009 0 Comment My Car Build,
Right this is an Edit of my origional post, as I litrally cannot work out what car im getting, but i think it will be a dc5..So the first thing i got hold of, was this : Genuine Spoon Titanium Gear knob nullSecond was this: Spoon Carbon Kevlar Plug Cover null nullI got this today :) 28-10-09 Genuine Spoon Sports Steering wheel null null null nullHad another delivery today - 12-11-09nullnullThat's it so far :)-Past Parts, Genuine Takata's (sold) -Genuine BBS LM's (Sold)reasons for sale, well the takata's i sold to fund My america trip in 2010.and The Wheels, i have seen another set i want, which i wil invest in when im home from america.