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Sorry for the delay as always with my Japan trip, these blogs take me so long to put together in between the heavy schedule I have now with the company, I am struggling to get these online within good time for you, so I apologies. But this one blog post really is worth the wait.Real Company is a company who introduced themselves to me at the Honda meet Osaka JDM set up for me! I decided I had to visit their premises on my journey, I am so glad I did.White CIvicBack of civiccorner back of white carUpon my arrival I got to look over this absolutely stunning EF. Bodywork was pristine, the wheels looked brand new, it was just gorgeous ! This is also owned by the owner of Real Company!blue ca white bonetInside the small workshop was a CRX..white car half coveredwhite car not coveredstill the white carfront right view of white carhigh view white carI loved Real Companys set up because there are hiden gems i'd die for just laying all over the place!scrap metalwhite and blue carblue and white sideblue and white back right viewroofsback of white car with coverstill that white cargrey car with really long bonnetblue and white back of cardirty car no lightsCheck out this Civic EK, sat out of reach but still sat on Regamasters!black carWork Stark Wheels on this EF civichigher view of black carwhite piece of crapblue and white roof viewshiney red carEuro R Accord! Which was up for sale, like most of the cars parked up along the front!car that looks like a pugdaihatsu K Car lowered on some big wheels for the size of the car!white car black wheelssame white carGorgeous Civic SIR on TE37's with a Bomex rear spoiler! so nice to see, Whilst I was here I was just pricing up what I'd buy if I ever moved to Japan!bluey black carwheel with red boltscar with man in blue overallslow angle of a carCRX SiR On Enkei Wheels, up for sale for around £4500  !back right of white carpurple with black bonnetEx Race car ! B18 that is in it now blown up but the car they told me with the full cage is still worth healthy moneyleft front of white carroof view of all carsOnce again, you see them maximising the space they have available to them!left back of white carpurple and black carfront of purple and blackback of cars including purplefront of purplefront of carswhite carGod, I loved this car.spoilerreal signblue car with reflectionsmashed up front of white carback half of black carsiRblack and 2 white carsred euro rred car gold wheels looks a bit shitJazz with some Mugen parts...white car squashed bonnetsame white caryokohama wheelwhite civicsame white civictrophiesstickersanother white carwhite car with blue on itcars stackedwhite bonnet real sticketblack car purple rimb and w white car white car with blue and purple I really hope you've enjoyed the photos. I really loved my time at Real Company & I cannot wait to one day return ! Adam