Retro Jap Meet @ Ace Cafe - 23rd April 2011

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initial dNot going to lie, I completely forgot this was on!!! a friend poped up on Facebook and simply asked what time I was leaving to go & I'm glad she did as it gave me an excuse to take the DC5 through some tunnels !! Wooooooooooaaaawww it was awesome haha!! Anyway I rocked up to the Ace Cafe with a few mates after my sat nav basically took me through the Centre of friggin' london to get there which was annoying.OldsklI was sceptical about what the turn out was going to be like, if anything I was a little disappointed, maybe I was expecting to much after Mimm's hit over the 300+ Car mark but im not knocking it.drifttI understand the car's are rarer, but never the less was really cool to see some of them. I just think the meet needed more advertising, BUT I did Turn up around 1:30 which maybe i'd just missed the boat.bookAnyway make sure MAKE SURE you get down to the next one if you have one of these types of car's !!YellowMake this meet one of the big ones as the weather was amazing. Some of the cars were ultra awesome & the Ace Cafe is a Sick little location. frontsThis was one of my favourite car's there - niceInteriorNext time I go I'm making sure I am there on time & that I make more of an effort to talk to the owners of the car's. To get more of an insite into the Retro JDM world !!200Sorry I dont have a whole lot to report on at this, but I was only their for about an 45 minutes!But I'm Leaving you with this beast!R34