Rising Sun Performance - NL.

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"Our main goal is to make the unavailable, available"

dc5 front

My first of many 6TWO1 Exclusive content from Holland, is my visit to renowned Honda Tuner Rising Sun Performance.

Rising Sun Performance first became a company back in 2008, Ian Looman and Tonny Kuperus started off in the very humble surroundings of Tonnys own home garage, being lucky enough to have a large enough space to work efficiently. Ian's role was to make sure the office was running correctly & all stock orders were placed and on time and Tonny was in the garage building the cars.

Vtec Sports Magazines from japan in the office... vtec mags 1

vtec mags 2

Around a year passed from the beginning on Rising Sun Performance and the guys quit their day jobs to set their goals firmly on Rising Sun and only 7 short months later they moved into the premises they are now in today. Since then, the company's business has exploded. Vastly becoming one of the most renown tuners in Holland, also having been featured on Speedhunters these guys really have made a name for themselves in the short time they have been about and proved they are here to stay.

Carbon S2000 Boot lid & A J's Racing 60RR just sitting on the wall.. wall display

The awesome finish on the J's 60RR js

Tonny explained to me "We actually ship more items to customers out side of the Netherlands now than we do to them who are in it!" He also states, "Our main goal is to make the unavailable, available"


They are very proud dealers for Japanese brands such as J's Racing, Spoon Sports, Koyo Radiator, Enkei Wheels, Mugen Power, Toda Racing, Hybrid Racing and many more & with the benefit of top agents in Japan and the US we can get these parts for a very good cost and really start to bring the brands that people dream of to their cars.

Tonnys S2000 out front of shop... tonnys s2 out front

Offering an almost 24 hour round the clock service, if one of their customers needs a car seeing too, it will be seen too no matter what the circumstances.

Like father like son... The owner of the time attack NSX's father owns this.... NSX standard

Tonny reiterated to me, "We are not the cheapest, but we pride ourselves on being the best, in knowledge, service & after sales and we always try to take that extra step in ensuring our customers whether they are spending 5 euros or 5,000 euros, are treated exactly the same"

Nsx time attack rear qurt

In the future Rising Sun Performance are looking to move to a bigger facility were they can host a showroom, hold stock and last but not least have a dyno facility. This is something they believe they really need to complete their services.

I asked Tonny what one of his favourite builds he has been apart of whilst at Rising Sun has been;

"One of the favorite builds must be the K22 EG Civic. It makes 280HP N/A. The car itself is extremely clean, but it's the engine and it's bay what makes your heart skip a beat. The complete bay is tucked, shaved and cleaned. The engine is a DC5 K20A with high compression pistons, cams and valves. It makes 280HP on 98 fuel, the customer is planning to go on BioFuel and put ITB's on it. It must go over 300HP there."

I unfortunatly do not have any images of this as it was not at the shop whilst I was present, but I will take his word for how awesome it is.

Their current success in the Toyo Time Attack championships..


A other build that we're very proud of is of course Ian's S2000. I can't recall how many hundreds of hours we've but in that engine bay, but it came out even sicker than we've inmagined. The reactions are very very good to hear, makes it worth all the effort!

s2k bay

Asm Strut brace.. brace

s2k wheel change

I can vouch for this S2000, I was very excited to see it after reading up on Rising Sun Performance and seeing images of it online. The car after being cared for by Spoon Sports in Japan found its way to Holland and into Ian's hands, the paint is flawless on the whole car, the bay is incredible, one of the best I have ever seen. I uploaded a few photos to the 6TWO1 instagram whilst I was stealing their wifi and the likes it got in the short time I was there was incredible! this car is a crowd pleaser, it certainly pleased me too! haha.

bay shot

As I wandered around the garage I saw a set of rare sprint harts, which are also for sale € 600,00, can obviously sort out shipping.

Sprint Harts

Cusco cage with a club promoters (could you tell?) civic K20 build in the corner, they were telling me that car has been all but forgotten by the owner, they are just waiting to hear really what to do with it.


Rocky, the 3 year old Boxer dog which stays at the shop with Tonny is awesome.

I love dogs, just how blissfully unaware they are of everything, We've got a Time Attack Supercharged NSX on one side of his cage, and Tonny's Track S2000 the other side, and all it gives a shit about is the burst ball in its cage and just popping up for attention here and there. Also, I'm fairly sure if someone was to break into RSP, they'd get a nasty shock haha.


One of the cars being catered for whilst I was there is Dimer Van Santen's Time Attack Supercharged NSX.


The pure presence this car has, just sat in the corner of the garage you can tell it is a monster, It hasnt been on the dyno yet but from its modifications, they expect it to be pushing between 400-450bhp.

Some images of said car..

front corner

nsx rear

Getting worked on..


rear up

One of the car's they were working on whilst I was there is Dimer van Santen's Time Attack NSX trying to get it ready for Sunday, I picked Dimer up and took him down as Dimer, Laurenz & I were ment to be bringing both Dimer & his fathers NSX's back in a convoy, but upon inpsection and getting his NSX on the ramp, Tonny saw that the CV boot was done for and the car had to stay another night, for Laurenz to collect the next day, Laurenz was happy about this to say the least!! Dimer not so much!

Dimers nsx on the ramp dark image

Tonny's RHD Uk S2000, with Cusco Cage sat on Enkei RPF01s looks incredible in person. I kept repeating to Tonny that if I was to build an S2K I'd want it to look like a dirty track slag like his, this is a compliment haha.




Another rear shot roof up this time....


They also gave me a can of this stuff, now if I hadn't already had a Monster that morning I may have been able to finish this wonderful creation but I honestly feared for a heart attack so I stopped mid can, Chocolate Milk Energy drink!! Trust me it worked!!


Ian cleaning his S2000 ready for JAF show..


Here are a few more images of the NSX...


front again

Tonny working some magic... nsx



nsx up

I really enjoyed my visit to Rising Sun Performance, they're great guys with a fantastic mindset to building the best Honda's that they physically can. Thankfully, they have the skill's to really build some of the best ones from not just Holland, but anywhere.