Sad Day for me!

Post by adminsdd 09/12/2009 0 Comment Uncategorized,

So...... I recieved a phone call yesterday that has Changed my life really, In a good way! Next year, i will be finishing my job @ My Dads place, And Shifting over to the States to work on a Summer camp an hour away from washington, to say im excited is an understatement, as after Camp is finished, il be heading to LA to see the family, Vegas to party like a rockstar on my 21st birthday. and Then wherever the rest of the money takes me, HOPEFULLY hittin up some Honda Meets While im Stateside too!!

But, the sad day part comes here, I have to put my car up for sale, i mean i get to enjoy it till i find a buyer, but i love my Civic alot. and after writing out the Advert for it, its reminded me of all the memories i have with it! and how i probably wont ever own a car as Nice as that again lol, but hey sometimes got to bite the bullet.....