Saturday was looong

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My day Started on the Rolling Road, which i was honestly expecting around 200Bhp from reading on forum's the horror stories of the cars loosing power over time.dynodynoIt got 219.5 Bhp at the Fly, it seems to have gained 2.5bhp over 7 years Which i dont quite understand? but im not complaining. just proves the engine is strong. I will get it done again when i have some more money elsewhere to try getting a fair figure, but this Dyno doesnt normally over-read, if anything it gives lesser figures, but whatever going to give it a Service, change the plugs etc, only using what is advised by people that know best obviously!Got a few more plans for the bodyshop, Smooth the plate off and get it relocated.This afternoon i spent 4 hours Detailing it, doing a 4 stage set with Menzerna Product's with Meg's G220, my mate Ryan come over n helped as to be honest i thnik it would have taken me forever on my own! but it looks amazing now, its got so many surface scratches out and it shinesss soooooo good. I am so happy with it, going to do the interior tomorrow. And swap some of the smaller parts over, might even try getting my exhaust on too.shine