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We all have our reason's for starting whatever we delve into & being one of the "New kids on the blog-ck" trying to just do my own thing, getting an invite from Mark from Scene-Media regarding a BBQ that they had set up in conjunction with Players & Meguiars I jumped at the opportunity.

I had tried to get a few Honda kids to come down with me but as it was all very last minute I could only get one to drag along, luckily Sam is a sick guy & has a sick car, I'd also got Nathan (of PVW Front cover almost fame) & Zak riding shotgun with me in the DC5.

We met at a service station on the way, got our top up's of Monster Energy and headed off. Daventry is a bit of a mission away, but I fully believe it was completly worth it.


We rolled up ever punctual at about 11am, greeted by Mark & Ben of Scene-Media, we were all given free goodie bags, not so much goodie bags, more Swag bags! They gave us so much free shit on this day I was gobsmacked haha! I Felt like I should have paid some entry fee or something.

rollin in




mk1 wheel

There was not a "show" feel to the day, in all honesty, there wasnt even a "meet" feel to the day. It honestly felt like we were in someone's garden for a BBQ. The car's were parked up in such a way even the American scenesters are going to be jealous & the variety of Cars & Scene's all in one place, all chilling, mixing and just generally enjoying each others company was a complete pleasure to be apart of.

mk4 shiney bbs



I honestly feel slightly hard done by, they made me park my N/A Integra up next to this skyline that would suck in small children through the turbo. It sounded like an airplane.



That was not the only car to outdo me on noise that day though. A White Audi A4/S4/4Bucketseat thing completely killed me and my jealousy level's went through the roof! The fact it made some little girl actually cry is saying something.


Seeing the recently recovered Japspeed Scooby back with its rightful owner in its stickers was awesome too, its always sad to hear about a car getting stolen so seeing this back in its rightful owners hand's & back stickered up & looking as ready to drift as ever it was a good feeling.

front scoob

scooby rear

One of the guy's im going to guess was from the Players bunch shouted out that lunch was ready. So we strolled over to this massive bbq (I didn't get a picture but I should have) Once again, we were being fed, GREAT food for free! given drinks, for free. (I'm saying we got this all for free if we were ment to pay im sorry haha!) Standard of car's for the day was awesome though. Show winning VW's, Track Ready JDM Monsters, drift car's, VIP, Low Riders, the lot! everything was there!

howells mk1


silver mk4


After they did the awards & the thank you's it had got to 3pm & I don't think anyone was really in a hurry to leave, apart from the dude in the skyline R32 next to me but he had somewhere to be, I was happy he was getting a bit stressed about being stuck where he was as he kept revving the shit out of it and it made me tingle. I'm pretty sure it almost sucked the girl in the mini's dog in through the grill as well.


janets mk4



The day was pure chill, pure awesome, I loved it. I have my fingers crossed that this event happens again, so we can have another day of lazing around in the sun with some ultra sick car's about and Stephen Brook's filming it! I believe his video is out on Friday so I will add it to this post at the very bottom once its done!






Nath, Zak & I decided to finish the day on an Ultimate hype & went and picked up the girls & Peck and hit up a local go karting track. I was the fastest. by loads. Beat Vikki proper bad (the main rival), shes not really talking to me much now but its her fault for being slow & bitter.  I'm only posting that here so everyone can see that I  won. Hahahaha!

Cheers for reading guys & girls. Big thanks to Scene-Media,  Players & Meguiars for hosting the day. Was epic. Thank you for the Invite & I will keep my fingers crossed that I will get one to the next event too :)