Scene Media X Players X Meguiar's BBQ 2012

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Last year; Scene Media, Players & Meguiar's teamed up to create one of the best car meets of 2011. The idea behind it is simple, get a few cars from each scene's together, chuck them all in a car park & give the owners a free lunch.

This year whilst in America, I got invited to the event once again but this time by one of the founding members of Players - Carl Taylor. He'd asked me to sort out a select group of Honda's for the event. The event is invite only, not to be elitist, or to try make people feel like they are not welcome, but simply to control the numbers. The Meguiars site is not big enough to have every single car from every single scene come down so they just ask people to be selective in who comes. I sent out a few invites, some people could come & some people couldn't, but we still managed to get a few of the best Honda's down this way to the meet.

I'd also dropped Lance a call at smoke hoes explaining I had 2 Extra passes if he fancied coming down & bring Simon Bucknell & their filming equipment. Expect an awesome video from them & the one and only Stephen Brooks who was also filming at this event.

Hosted at Meguiar's headquarters. The company produces some of the best car care equipment which is also affordable & not made out of extincted birds eggs; are good enough to open their doors to us as car enthusiasts and allow this meet to take place yearly. The company amaze me, they don't ask you to buy anything, they don't force product down your throat they simply just open the doors and allow people to come enjoy the day. Both years now I have had Zak accompany me on the journey, last year Nathan came but he was at a mask party the previous night & was crying that he'd be hungover, but my other close friend Harv was free from the grips of his job for a Sunday so he came a long too.

megs bag

Once we'd arrived & parked the Toyota in a hedge, we wandered around to the main building. I was greeted by Scene-Media co-founder Mark Riccioni, we had a brief catch up before one of my favourite cars in the whole of the country caught my eye.

I fell in love with this E30 M3 at a players show a few years ago, which I named it my car of the show. I then saw it again at Edition 38 last year in which, it was my favourite car of the show. Once again, seeing it at the BBQ, it was already my favourite. The owner has just rebuilt it to an exceptional standard, also fitting new center locking BBS's to the car giving it a fresher new look. If the owner could email me, we did speak briefly at the show but I didn't say everything i needed to so if you could email me at please if you ever see this!!



The massive smile on the owners face is an re-occuring similarity in most images I have with people in them. The atmosphere at the event is fantastic, everyone is up for a converstation no matter what stigma they may already have attached through out the scenes.

smile bmw

Porsche owner cleaning his car, this has fantastic BBS RS's on it, unfortunately, I haven't got a picture to show you!


Chris Purr who has the DNR built B20 Civic which I have the banzai feature to post on here very soon rang me to say he was in the line out the front, as we went to meet him, this Mk2 caught my eye..

mk2 west side

This Mercedes CLK with a DTM body kit had Mclaren brakes on it, Harv really loved that.

mclaren barkes

We also were very lucky with the weather, even though it is July, I'm sat here writing this in my office with a heater on my feet and a sky filled with black clouds looking like they're just about to open & ruin my entire mood. But for the day, we had blue skies & sun with not one drop of rain!

bmw skes

Chris in his Ek..


Si on the left & Lance on the right also known as Smokehoes.


Greg Howells Mk1 Golf which was also seen at Sema in the USA last year was back on home soil at the show.


I have a love for Fords, wether this comes from be being a bit of a barry, or because I had one as my first ever car to bomb around in my families field when I was 14, or just because I am born & bred in Essex, but I will always have great respect for them & I loved this MK1 Escort..


Also through my upbringing I've always attended Classic car shows with my Dad building a huge love for classics. This 1932 Ford was amazing. Truly loved having a look around it in detail, would love to get more cars like this on 6TWO1.

1932 ford



This image is from later on in the day, as you can see a Corvette Sting Ray coupe turned up too. Many good memories of making noobs on Gran Turismo think that this was a shit old car yet it being one of the best on the game haha! Loved it!!


Lowrider, low riding..


Seriously love the MX5's from the day too.



Stunning MK2 Golf. The UK VW scene really can be proud of some of the VW's that it has produced...


Rotiform wheels on Starkey's A4. Rotiform really have taken the wheel industry by the bollocks & are holding it hostage at the minute. I have a full Rotiform post to show everyone from when I visited their LA HQ.


Chris cleaning his Regas...


Fresh 6TWO1 Decal on the windscreen...


Sam's S2000 with another one on Split 3 Spoke Advans..



I managed to finally get to speak with HULK from the dub scene, he has built some pretty impressive cars & I hopefully will be able to meet up with him in the near future to do photoshoots of both of his cars! As you can see, big smiles once again.


Sam wanted his S2000 to be cleaned, but was to lazy to do it himself, so he grabbed Hulk to do it for him...being very picky about what parts he wanted cleaned..


you can Find Hulk on Instagram under the username HULK2K so I'm renaming him in this post to HulkS2K.

Sam hulk

I fully fell in love with this Audi. Its just beautiful. Once I've got my DC5 sorted & eventually moved out of my parents house, I want one. hah I better move out first though or I'm going to end up as one of THEM GUYS that just has loads of nice cars but still lives with mummy & daddy.

This one is on Rial Daytona Race wheels,  8.5×19 and 10x19


Chris, Zak & Harv talking some form of Honda race car talk I can imagine..

honda tawk

First Generation Corvette...


Another black A4 next to an immaculate VW Camper..


Wide Mk4 which has been seen many times before from shows...


Jags Body Shop's E190 Mercedes....I think I need to drop them a phone call about my Integra once I have it back...


R32 on

19” Cades Apollo’s & Hyrdos...


Evo on CCW's. Which also won Meguiar's car of the event (I think)


I love these Rotiform LHR wheels on this Green Scirocco...


Stunning Porsche 964


Rollhard had also turned up with a couple of their cars on the day..


Love the Mk1..


Really Smart Mk3 golf...


Ben Howard's Punto is a very detailed, well thought out build. Really loved the result of this car.




Another one of the lowrider. Really cool to see stuff like this in England..


Another amazingly detailed MK2.


Tino & his Boss Mustang, had a great catch up with him & his friends so hopefully will be able to link up and bring you some really cool stuff from these guys...


Very clean Mk5 Golf on Black BBS's..


Frolic's EK..

Forlics ek

Audi S4 on Bentley Wheels.


One of the cleanest DC5's in the whole world & I will have no one tell me any different! Bodywork is unbelievably clean, Portho's as he's known on the forums really does own an immaculate DC5. Wish mine was that nice haha. Also has a J's racing induction kit, very rare.


F6Squared's Mk1 Golf. Wins awards at every event, at Players last year when helping choose for the Honda Culture car of the show award, DN & I chose this thing. It's just awesome.


Impreza back to basics...


CarAudioSecurity's display cars are unreal. here is one of them...


here is the other. This is beautiful.



J's racing sponsored S2000.


Sam from F6squared & his freshly put together S2000.


Rob Goodwin's Audi. Interior is top of its game. The Paint is the best I've ever seen. The wheels are out of this world. I'm not really that deep into the dub scene so I dont know, but this car has to be an Icon of modern times for its class surely?



"American muscle...."


Rear of Tino's Mustang...



Another amazing Mk5. Simple modifications to cars really do it for me.


Tom, one of the Meguiars employees DC5. Honestly all of these guys cars put mine to shame. Their bodywork is so much better than mine haha. also, see the 6TWO1 decal on the rear window. Look forward to seeing this on his new wheels.


Rollhard's MK2 inside.. such an stunning example.


Stephen Brooks filming the EVO on CCWs....


ccw brooks

Brown RX8 on air & Bentley wheels.


Matte Purple wrapped Mini..


First person to leave the correct quote for the image that I have in my head gets a free sticker.


Euro 206..


Elmo's TT S.




I just love it. I hope that I can make enough money in my life time to own a VW Bus like this..

VW bus

Zak & Sam in the background..


This Focus ST had full heat wrap even up to the tips of the tail pipes. Would love to know its spec list...


Hulk2K's R32...


Dav from Endless Horizon arrived in Dav time (Just before the end of the day) still was good to see him again.



The day came to an end with a little awards Ceremony, all in good fun! Winners & Losers awards. With Ben from Scene Media & Jay from Players handing the awards out..


I love this picture, the guy who owned the Lowrider won a loser award, but he really wanted the Cherryade haha massive smiles & laughs through out the whole day.


The owner of the Evo on CCW's picking up his award brought the day to a close.


Once again, the guys absoultely smashed the event. The whole day was fantastic. The turnout was brilliant & the atmopshere was just so welcoming & friendly. I once again had an amazing day, I did actually take pictures of everyone's cars but I messed the settings up on my camera so some are just un-usable. So dont think I missed your car out on purpose as I have got pictures, just crap ones not worth showing.

The variety of cars on show was mind blowing. How often can you get a B20 Civic, a 1932 Ford Hotrod and a Fiat Punto all on show in such a close environment? I really hope this happens again in 2013 & I get another invite a long as it has both years, been my favourite event I have attended.

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