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After my visit to Spoon Sports, I checked google maps and realised that Seeker was in walking distance! Which was awesome. So I headed off down the road to Seeker.FD2 with the Seeker front bumper, The Rays TE37 on the front & RE30 on the rear..This yellow Dc5 was in for some work, it had a stunning body kit on it, by INGS.In the car park was this facelift type S Dc5..Crz with a wider rear arch on it, CR28s & a really nice after market lip..EuroRWhite S2000 !Seeker are known for their bright orange paint jobs.. the FD2 is stunning, I did ask if we could move it out but it has no engine at the minute so that was a no go..JDM DC2...Seeker Orange Honda Fit RSBlue DC5 with some wide front wheels..Love this Jazz... So cool!The Yellow DC5 about to get worked on..I decided that because of how the light was in the shadows, I had to chance my lens, I wont lie, I was dehydrated & also very excited so I completely forgot to change the lens over at the start! so the poor quality of the above pictures is down to that..I loved how this FD2 Sat, I think one of these will be on the list to own in the future...Japan in a nut-shellOrange FD2 is just stunning.Before I left, I headed in the store & spoke with the owner about the possibility of being their UK Dealer, we are just trying to sort out shipping of some products!I hope you have enjoyed the Photos from SEEKER JP!!Thank you for reading. If you enjoyed please share the post !