Sema Day 1 Part 2

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Back to Vegas & back to Sema Coverage.After heading inside from the Vegas desert heat, I strolled into the Tyre hall, very much wandering aimlessly on my own. as soon as you walked into this hall you were hit by the Falken Tyre booth. An array of beautiful models, and jaw dropping cars.modelFatlace GTR With the Ben Spora body kit had a lot of hype around it that it very much lived up toogrtas I walked aimlessly I found the beautiful Julie Mai on Aeolus Tires stall modeling alongside another lady who's name I did not getJuliemaiI made sure to find my way out of that huge hall (I honestly didn't know so many kinda tyres existed on this planet) and find my way to the Evasive Motorsports GT86. It was one of the cars most of my friends had said "Please go get a picture of!" so I did, the awesome wide custom body kit, the colours & the Volk Wheels. Perfect.GT86Clean BMW on The BC RACING Stand - I am now selling BC Racing Coilovers head to the parts store!BMWBeetle on H&R Coilovers and Fifteen52 wheelsBeetleLow Ferrari 599 on ADV1 wheelsrimsadv1dunnoA model next to a Brabus..modelfirst time I got to see a new Dodge Viper..dodgeviperWhen I am around a Dodge Viper, it makes me feel 10 years old, looking at it like an idol, when I was younger my room was plastered in Viper posters, with loads of model Viper cars. I still love them to this day, reminds me of being young and carefree..viper rearAn Asian honey who was on a wheel standasinaMegan Belet on the Hanook Tyres stand infront of a carbon fibre R8..meganThis super bad ass Mustang on the Ford standmustangBack truckAnd another..truckLamborghini AventadorLamboRWB PorscheporscheTakata GT86gt86Money can't buy you taste.rankTekken LamborghinilamboYeah so this was a thing?shitFerrari 458..ferrariThis was featured in the DUB Magazine, I bought an issue home to read, never diddubThese wheels made me laugh, I'd never seen anything like it! Sooo big yet so thin haha. I had to get this guy to put his hand in the picture so I could show the size.rimsrimsimgWith some of the pictures that came out pretty terrible I had a play around with the editingthis really cool Lowrider..lowriderReally cool Beetle, I love the Fifteen52 Wheels..rimsMad Ford truckfordE-Garage RWB PorscheprokaMore coming after the weekend !ad1thrll