Sema Show 2013

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Its 4:30 AM and I am jet lagged like crazy. I have forced myself to come sit downstairs at my girlfriends place because she has to wake up early in the mornings and I wanted to let her get her sleep without me being a complete pain in the arse, so I thought I would get cracking on the Sema blog post. This will be a multipart series of posts which I hope to get online within a Week of the first to the last post, just due to the huge amount of photos I took.This year I did not go as Media. I went as a buyer, since the opening of the Speedstore here in Colchester (CO28HH) I have been fully committed to trying to get the best and most exclusive parts to be available through myself. I really do love my shop & I hope you guys will make it down to the official opening meet in January, to which you are ALL invited, ANY make of car ! will be great fun and probably absolutely freezing! HahaGrand openingSema 2013, Last year I accidentally ended up there, but because I was lazy I never posted all my coverage which I feel honestly embarrassed for. For 2013 I went as a buyer, main goal to see what I can sort for 6TWO1 & for you here back in the UK. I had been on a family holiday the week leading up to Sema, getting some well earnt (in my opinion haha) beach time, I arrived home, gave my clothes to the washing machine, saw my girlfriend, had two nights sleep and then got straight back on a plane to the good ol' USA. I normally fly with Virgin but because this trip was costing a lot of money that quite frankly I didnt want to spend my flight ended up through British Airways, they say you get what you pay for & It turns out british airways must not pay their staff all that well & if they do they don't deserve the wage they're getting!I landed in a completely empty terminal 3 in Las Vegas & headed to my hotel. I got a great deal on excalibur. Which is like something straight out of CSI and after being awake for near on 40 hours I got the rest my body was craving! after 3 hours sleep, I was wide awake haha. I got showered and decided to head to Sema bright & early ! If anyone is ever planning on going I advise staying somewhere close to the Monorail, as its only 28$ for a 3 day pass to which you can use as much as you like & It takes you right to the Convention Centre!I arrived to Sema on the Wednesday, by that time the Sema parties have started and many people arrive slightly later due to Vegas happening. It was good for me as that day I managed to get some nice ground time with the cars outside without huge crowds. So once again, In picture form I invite you to take a walk around Sema 2013 with me. I hope you enjoy !Charger on Accuair..accuair chargerA very popular car to modify, the 86 Chassis is all over the show as you'll see. I absolutely became infatuated by the Rocket Bunny kit for these, not fitted on this one but you'll see plenty through out the blog...gt86 bluePruis on air...pruisThe Scion variant on Rohana wheels...frontrohana gtFlip paint 350z also on Rohana wheelsrohananrear 359350zfront wheelAmazing Camero...frontcameroAnother Camero but a later model...cameroBeautiful Split screen camper van...vwIncredible Chrome hot rod..Cant really call it Rat as it was clean!!ratrodI believe this van is owned by a Top Gear USA Presenter, wouldnt really know as I havn't seen the USA version..vanClassic Dodge vandodgeAnother amazing Van, these things are so awesome! Loved seeing these modified...vanOne of my favourite cars from the whole event... Shelby Daytona....Shelby frontdaytona sidedaytonaSema show is so unique as it is a real Industry show. If you're not part of the industry with credentials to prove, then you cant really gain access, but this allows the best of the industry to show off what they're capable of. Its one of the few places you get to see a body dropped truck next to a Shelby Daytona...chevy truckI love the back of the new Lexus but am not sure on the front, so heres just a rear shot haha.rearOutside there was a little group of GT86's, looking incredible!..gt86gt86reargtgt86gtThese Cameros are 100% one of my favourite cars ever built. I will have one, one day...camerosiderearrearDon't know what this is, but I dig it. I know its some form of Chevy haha.ehfrontSheer size of these things are breath taking, let alone when they're sat on the floor!massiveAmazing classic Chevy Truck..truckStunning Lexus from the owner of StanceNationfrontStancenationwheelNow for the craziest Civic I have ever seen, & I've seen a lot of Civics!! this style of modification isnt the most popular anymore but I take my hat off of this guy for the sheer quality of parts used ! A Turbo K20, sitting on 18' HRE wheels, DC2 front end swap, which with the wider arches I actually love on this car...frontengine bayhugeHREOne of the many stunning VIP Lexus's of the event..LexusAnother amazing classic Chevy truck...classic chevyCrazy set up on this Evo..evoChevy Bel air... amazing!chevyChevy low rider looking amazing in the Vegas sun!impalaI have a huge thing for the Porsche 911 ever since I drove one! Combined with one of my favourite aftermarket wheel manufactures HRE, I was in heaven!!hre porsch911Badass MX5...mx5Spoon Sports CRZ!crzCRZ rearAnd on that note, I want to bring to a Close Sema Part 1 ! Stay tuned for part two....Please check the blog regarding the Charity event Help for the Philippines..ad1