Shaven haven.

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Another Honda, from the same generation I have featured over the last few week's. Arguably leaving the best till last? I think it's fair to say.


I've known the owner of this black coupe for the last year, meeting him properly at the Honda Culture photoshoot in Milton Keynes. After always admiring the coupe from the forum's and its various stages, I have to say finally getting to have a real look around it in person was very fasinating. First of because, this car was the first one i had seen to have the fully tucked, shaven and resprayed bay done to such an extent it pulled a crowd even before the bonnet was poped just over the hype it had created on the forums.


The Car itself is a EM1 Coupe, origionally having a B16 from factory, the coupe underwent a transformation at Endless Horizon. Having a B18C out of an Integra Type R swapped in, the bay itself, tucked & shaved, and fully resprayed metallic purple.


He has sacrificed the Air Conditioning & Power steering to make way for a cleaner bay.

Rikz is so obsessive with keeping the car looking clean, he wont even rock a 6TWO1 Sticker, wheres the bromance? haha nah I respect that, he runs the HC Cartel sticker and that is it.

The coupe has also undergone the Integra Hub conversion, allowing him to run 5X114.3 Wheels, in this case & my personal favourite set the car has been seen on, the Desmond Regamaster Evo's.

Rikz coupe is a masterclass in how when modifying a car is kept pure, to the manufactures routes and to a set path. The final result can be something special.