Shop Closure dates & Update on 6TWO1

Post by admin 29/09/2015 0 Comment Blog,
Hey everyone, first blog post in a while.I wont bore you with a lame excuse, I just have not been able to find the time to get through the remainder of my japan stuff just yet & Also my new coverage.I have some awesome shots from after our recent meet as the shop was SO BUSY during the day I didn't manage to get outside to see the rest of the cars!!Thank you all so much for your support so far, we as a company are growing at a crazy fast rate & I am doing my best to keep on top of orders, enquires and all the rest which comes from a growing company. I am doing my best but I have now employed some help!Thankfully, Emma who works within our family group now has joined us at 6TWO1. She is learning the products day by day, she stands by my same opinion on excellent customer service & she will be in the office taking any enquires and answering where she can, if she doesnt know an answer she will revert back to me, but it just now means I can have 2 weeks off from the shop as I am off on holiday !I'm excited to get away but I will also be contactable via all normal means, I will have some down time while I'm away to catch up, get some videos edited, some blogs made & also clean up this website a bit, all stuff that has had to be put on hold over the busy show season!Thank you again for all your amazing support! I have new products coming for you guys soon, we're expanding and I cannot wait to get them in the shop to show you!I am now away from Today (Tuesday 29th September) To Wednesday 14th October ! but like I said, I'm contactable via email ( & through the social media!AdamCar Geoff Wingard's incredible EG at our recent meet lowered on 6TWO1 Coilovers