Showoff Imports Honda Integra DC5 Type R NL.

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"Our goal was to make one of the fastest lapping FWD cars over here"

Integra wide angle

7 years ago Ronald of Showoff Imports managed to get this, the first DC5 Type R imported into Holland from Japan & its destiny was to be Showoff Imports Demo Car.


In its first 5 years of ownership, the car was left almost stock with the genuine  Mugen body kit on it with an engine almost untouched. Being used as a daily car and also his girlfriends main means of transport the DC5 was just cared for to show off, for Showoff Imports.

DC5 rear

5 Years later Ronald and his team decided to tear it apart and start a project of it.

Rear back

"The name of this project was easy: ProjectDC5(.com).

spoiler brackets

"The idea for this project was the fact our company Showoff Imports has grown a lot and in 2010 we existed 10 years and we wanted to do something special. As official Time Attack partner we decided to built our own car!"


"Our goal was to make one of the fastest lapping FWD cars over here and in the same time keep everything ‘reachable’ for customers. The last years our assortment has grown into more and more performance parts and Skunk2 is one brand of this. Ever since the beginning we loved working with them, fast service and happy customers. Now we had to chance to put their items to the test and that is what we did!"


rear right

The engine has been modified heavily. It is now a completely rebuilt NA 2.2 engine by tuning company Cosworth over here in England and Skunk2 internals and other parts such as  Camgear, Stage II Cams, Valves, Retainers, Valve Springs, Pro Series Intake Manifold, Throttle Body, Fuel Rail and some parts Ronald has been kind enough to list for us, at the bottom of the page.

Engine bay

It took Ronald and the guys at Showoff Imports over a year to prepare the car properly, as it was a project for the team, which ment it had to come 2nd in line during the working day as Showoff Imports strongly believe in putting the customer first, as hard as the temptations may be for playing around with their own project. After getting the car on the dyno the engine produced a whopping 301 BHP with a linear 275 NM Torque, ALL N/A.

tow hook

The car's chassis is strengthened by the use, of countless Ultra Racing braces. Showoff Imports have a great working relationship with the Malaysian-based tuning specialist, the DC5 really showcases how brilliant and strong their products are.

front right

We are very happy with these results. Very soon we will start testing the car on the track and we have to fine tune the suspension/handling since power is nothing without control of course!

front track

The car has as much carbon fiber as possible, I didn't expect the doors to be as light as they were.

carbon door

I didnt have chance to put the car in the air to show you, but the DC5 is completely flat underneath, with a massive rear diffuser on the rear to give the best air flow as possible.

rear diffuser

You'll also notice, the exhaust system is hidden, finishing just behind the LCA's. It was a custom set up built by ApeGarage

angled rear shot

The car normally has a large front carbon fibre splitter to it too to add to the downforce, but when I stole the car for photo's they hadn't been able to fit it on as it had just rolled out of the lorry.

level track shot

When you are in the interior, you cannot mistake this for anything other than what it is, a true race based car, Full cage, Carbon Fiber bucket seats...

passenger side

The custom made full cage for the car is finished in the bright orange, which is a theme around the car, which if you hadn't noticed, im fairly confident you're colour blind.

drivers side

The car runs off of the "economical"   E85 bio-ethanol, with the tank in the boot! The Bio-Ethanol adds a few HP's but Ronald from Show off explains..

"The entire fuel system needs to be upgraded. Bigger injectors (650cc), swirl pot to keep the fuel from getting hot and make sure it takes fuel and no air, new fuel lines and a fuel pressure regulator. I will take you trough the system. First we pump the fuel into the swirl pot with a small fuel pump. No need for a big pump, it just keeps the swirl pot full. If the swirl pot is overflowing the fuel just gets back in the tank. To pump the fuel from the swirl pot to the front we use a Bosch 044 fuel pump. Before it gets to the fuel rail the E85 runs trough a filter. Right after the fuel rail there is a fuel pressure regulator, needed to keep the whole line from the pump to the fuel rail pressurised. All fuel that doesn’t needs to be injected runs right back to the swirl pot to cool down and ready to be used again."


boot open outside

SPECS: Engine: JDM K20A 2.0 Engine, upgraded to 2.2 liters by Cosworth Cosworth 90mm 12.5 :1 pistons Cosworth Lightweight Connecting Rods Cosworth Bearings Darton MID ductile cast iron liners / sleeves Upgraded Oil pumps Bosch 044 Upgraded 650cc Injectors (RC) Skunk2 Exhaust Cam Gear Skunk2 Titanium Retainers Skunk2 Spring Base Kit Skunk2 Stage 2 PRO Camshafts Skunk2 PRO Series Valve Springs Skunk2 Timing Chain Tensioner Skunk2 Composite Fuel Rail Skunk2 PRO Series Intake Manifold or ITB’s Skunk2 PRO Billet Throttle Body 70mm R-Developments Oil Baffle Sump Exedy Hyper Single Carbon Clutch/Flywheel Fuel Pressure Regulator Reinforced Engine Mounts (innovative) + Some special modifications, inside information.

Electronics: Hondata K-Pro Tuned ECU Race Technology Digital Dashboard + data logging TyreSure Tyre Pressure Monitor

Brakes: HEL Performance Brakelines HEL Performance Brake Force Distributor JBT Front Big Brake Kit Brembo Rear Brake kit

Cooling: HEL Performance 19-Row Oil Cooler Megan Racing XL Aluminium Radiator

Exhaust: Ape Garage Custom made 3 Inch Catback System Megan Racing JDM 1-Piece Stainless Header (only the head part, rest is custom)

Weight Reduction: Seibon Carbon Doors Seibon Carbon Trunklid Seibon Carbon Hood Poly Carbonate / Lexan Windows (plastics4performance) Summit Fuel Cell Fully Stripped Interior

Safety: Showoff Custom Made Full Welded Rollcage FIA Lightsweight Fia Approved Racing Seats Carbon LTEC 6-Point Seatbelts

Suspension and Wheels: Full Customizable Track Suspension system with external oil reservoir. Skunk2 Rear Lower Control Arms Skunk2 PRO Adjustable Camber Kit Rear Buddyclub P1 Roll Centre Adjusters Ultra Racing Front Upper 4-Point Strutbar Ultra Racing Front Lower H-Brace Ultra Racing Rear Lower H-Brace Ultra Racing Front Swaybar Ultra Racing Rear Swaybar Ultra Racing Fender Brackets Super PRO Hardened Rubber Master Set Super PRO caster adjusting bushings ROTA 17 Inch 9J Ultra Light Wheels

Aerodynamics: Showoff Custom Made 8-Piece Bodykit Showoff Custom Made Carbon Front Splitter Showoff Custom Made Carbon Rear Diffuser Custom Made Carbon Rear Spoiler MD62