SimonF's Honda Civic DX

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I took a recent trip to Worthing near Brighton to see a dude with a Honda, luckily for me, Worthing has a couple of dudes with nice Honda's.


After I'd done the initial photoshoot I had gone down their for which will be in the coming month's of Total Honda magazine, I had some extra time so snapped some of SimonF's Civic DX hatch, now the car is not finished and he wasn't really prepared for a Photoshoot. So there's some rubbish in his back passenger foot well but it was getting dark & it was raining and none of us could be arsed to wait around any longer and not to mention Papa John's pizza was calling! Here's some of the pictures. The car has undergone severe slamming. XXR 527's or something, i dunno but they make the car look low and wide which is what he was aiming for with this, once he is done with the B Swapped hatch he will be selling it for a Turbo EK Build that he is planning. Full on Race car, none of this stance milarky, Simon's a veteran now when it comes to stancing Honda's so it's about time he stepped up to the race game !

But I thought i'd share the pictures with you even though I'm not best pleased with how they have turned out.

Front sideSideFrontpass siderearfitmentseat

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