Small thank you to my brother.

Post by adminsdd 11/04/2011 0 Comment Car Photoshoots,
Well if you consider stealing the key's to his car and taking some pictures of it a thank you then I guess so.I've been in Snowbombing in Mayrhofen for the last week and my younger brother Joel did me a massive favour by looking after my company whilst I was gone, he's asked me a few times to take a couple of pictures so I thought id do that for him tonight, unfortunately, he's mashed up his wrist also snowboarding & my dad didn't want to take it very far so I took a couple of pictures of it out front of the house.It's a great looking car, he's done himself proud on it for a first car we will all agree?Anyway it started raining before I could get any more picture's which is annoying but once he's got his cast off I may do some more in a better location.Maybe. Frontbackback