Snap Shot, Whats next?

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First off, Thank you all so much for a record breaking month on 6TWO1. I cannot believe the reaction for the South Mimm's posts and it defiantly made all the hard work worth it.

This month, I've have my first works published with Banzai magazine of Chris Purr's Civic that we did a little while ago now, I still need to pick up a copy because all my local branches have been sold out. Its an awesome car, Chris is an awesome dude and I hope the feature stands up along side the car.

chris purr

Also, I have a lot more stuff going into Total Honda magazine, I've sent off the Mimm's coverage I did for them. Completely unique stuff that has not been seen anywhere else.

For Total Honda, I have done coverage of one of my favourite local Honda's, Chris Blackman's CRX SiR, Its an awesome car. Here is one picture from the shoot...


It's an awesome car, with an awesome back story with an owner that is passionate about his car, defiantly check it out.

Whilst we were there he asked to get a couple of shots for himself along side my DC5 which I of course, obliged dc5crx

And another..


Along with all of the above, I have also done the write up for the VTEC DIRECT race Accord Type R, Really cool car with once again a great back story.

Next weekend im off to Holland to chill with the Dutch guys and bring you some first hand coverage from what is going on over in Holland, along with JAF show coverage.

Hope you all have a good weekend.. once again thank you for all the Love.