Snetterton Track Day March 2013

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Post By Adam Ivell advert for coiloversSat browsing the internet round my girlfriends on evening and I spot on Javelin track days an offer, one I could not refuse. £99 Feb special at Snetterton 300 Course. Now I have only ever done 20 minute track entry times at events before.I was pretty nervous to say the least but i was also very very excited. As the day approached, I decided that making sure the car and myself were going to be ready and I would forget nothing. Spending the evening before preparing the car and getting everything I need. I made the executive decision to trailer my car. So my trusty stead for the journey would be my families Toyota Land Cruiser...BoatTrailerI guess its also time to introduce another car I purchased recently, it needs a lot of work but I will do an indepth showcasing of this soon, my Civic Jordan #475joradnaI dusted off my Helmet I've owned for many years now, mostly used on Quad bikes & go karting. I know its not a "Motorsport" helmet but its mine!imgI opened up the garage to my Civic, clean & ready to go ! I love this car. I love it, looking at it or driving it I just love it.rearMy throne... Status Racing GT Seat in red! (in stock now : STATUS RACING SEATSstRamp ready to take my Civic! I had to do it all myself so was pretty nervous as its a tight squeeze!rampLittle bit dusty but thats part & parcel of living in the countryside, still LOVE how the Osaka JDM spoiler looks, its the best.destSlowly but surely got her on the trailer...civicinteriorharnessOn the trailer, my dog tinker came to keep me company before I started strapping the car down...picsStanding tall! All strapped up & ready for the next day!So the next day came & I was accompanied to the track by Connor & Ed, two local Honda guys that had asked to come along with me.Arriving at the track I'd kind of hoped I was going to be able to snag a free garage but they'd all been reserved so parked up next to a guy with a racing classic mini! I proceeded to get the EG off the trailer and have the noise test which I passed (thankfully)egAfter my first outing I came back to Greg & his EK9 arriving! Greg is new to 6TWO1 and on the day placed a HUGE Spoon Sports order through us. Which has now been collected! updates on this very soon!gregggreg advert for coiloversDaniel also joined with his friend in his EK a little later!ekdanegJack & Chay from NRHonda's also came down for the day! Was great to have such a batch of us all at the track! I didnt get to spend much time hanging with everyone as I spent nearly all my time on the circuit!jackjackJackLater, Paul joined us in his immaculate ek9 on TE37sek9ek9Another shot of Gregs...gregOne of their friends came down in a Tommi Makinen Edition Evo 6rearA few more shots of the EK9s...ek9 advert for coiloversConnor on the left & Jack on the rightChay rocking the Snapback!Greg & PaulEd gurningedThis picture I took after my final lap of the day, it was amazing, for my first every true full track day, I am HOOKED, Fully hooked! I cannot get over how great it was. I wish I was back!!egAt the very end Ku turned up with his JDM DC2 on TE37sdc2Dc2 advert for coiloversDC2sKukuEd in front of Pauls EK9.edHere are some pictures from me earlier in the day on the track by various photographers, First couple are from Ed Killick who came down with me on the day :Lining up in the pits...carcarJack Wingfield of NR Hondas also got some great snaps, he came along later in the day as seen above in his red EM1, I did some editing on the pics and added a watermark.One of my favourites is this one of the GTR trailing me, I saw this round a hair pin and thought he;s going to pass me soon so I drove live I've never driven before in my life and he could not keep up through the corners, on the straight he was obviously faster but cornering was a different story..gtrgr2 advert for coiloversstatsbrakignI love these 2 pictures, because of the car I'm going passed in. The guy who owned it was a lovely guy but just very forward and confident. We spoke in the briefing he was saying how great he was on track and that his 325i was fast. He also managed to call my Civic a girls car so passing him in my girls car was brilliant ....egoutside linePassing a Caterham on the straightmx5So thats the end of the Photography!I had such a great day, I loved every single second of being out on track, from the morning nervs to the pure rush of crashing bigger cars down, the 6TWO1 coilovers are impeccable out on track & I cannot wait for the next one. advert for coilovers