Snow in the UKAY!

Post by adminsdd 19/12/2009 0 Comment Just Chattin,
Herd on the new's Snow is going to be happening!I just thought it was another weather man joke. NOPE! boy i cant explain my night enough! it was CRAZY! So, let me start the story...on a colddd and frosty night, a Snow storm appears in our small little village, a young lad called aj, strolls into his bathroom to brush his teeth before going to bed, as the sky tv along with some of the houses christmas lights, had been knocked out by the violent snow storm, also giving strange powercuts all through the evening.nullAs he picks up his tooth brush, he see's a red light, through the misty window of the bathroom, about 5 seconds on, that small light, COVERS the window in a HUGE flash of red, and when i say huge i'm talkin' APOCALYPTIC Huge, so AJ poo's his pants and Runs to his brothers room to get a better look down the road at the Powerstation that is down he looks down his brothers window, he can see a fire, not a small fire, but a Big ol' fire takin' over this Powerplant, after about a minute, the fire calm's down on its own? maybe due to the huge amounts of snow? maybe due to the fire being lame? who knows, not me, anyway, as soon as this fire dies down, BANG There goes the fireworks! as if it was guy faulks night here in the uk this place was lighting up! now i was fearing for the safety of the residents down my street, as that powerstation leads straight on to houses, So my mum got onto the phone to the fire brigade.Now, I, (me being aj) thought it would be pretty sweet to wander down the road and check it out, with my camera, so as i walked down, with my younger brother following, we Swiftly decided it would be Much better idea to watch this not standing in a mountain of snow under Tree's which both conduct electricity lol, so we jogged back to the house, as i put the key in the front door, the most Almighty White light appeared around us, followed by the LOUDEST bang I have ever herd, in my LIFE, not only did this happen once, but twice. Now anyone that plays call of Duty, imagine the NUKE that happens online. yeah it was like that, but real. Once the fire guys had turned up and gave us the all clear i had wandered down by this point, to see if everything was ok,null nullSo il be honest, i was cackin my pants seriously. i havnt ever been so scared lol. we got in the house, the power, completly out. Freezing cold as obviously the heating had gone too, i was using the light of my camera display to show me round the house, then i found my bed, grabbed the laptop and used the last bit of battery life to watch the world of warcraft episode of south park before i went to sleep.nullI was awoke, to Ryan (With the green polo) ringing me seeing if i wanted to wander into manningtree and mess about in the snow with some old school mates, i couldnt resist, considering i still had no power or heating, so i got up, chucked on some old trackies and a huge quiksilver coat, and went out to see the damage to my car that the snow had done lol, went i got out there, it was covered, i had to try moving it so see if i could, slowly i backed it of the drive, as far as i could, before the snow ripped the front bumper off....null nullI then went and let the dogs out into the back garden Buddy and tinker are the two mental dogs, freds got a bit older now so he didnt really do much but heres tinker and buddy playin in the snownull null nullafter that, i wandered to ryans house and we head off, the walk took us about 30 minutes, but that's about the normal amount of time..i got some pics on the way on my hand held camera..null null null nullended the day like this: nullThe snow's been cool, but im bored of it now, its messed my Christmas shopping up proper. and because my cars so low i cant drive it anywhere as the ice mounds are to big and it bottoms out everywhere. Rubbish!!