So as he can't make E38X

Post by adminsdd 03/09/2010 0 Comment Car Photoshoots,
Maitland unfortunately wont be making it to edition 38 this coming weekend as he's off to play rounders or something... So he come down for my birthday weekend and crashed at mine, and the next day we did a lil shoot, mainly for another blog to be honest but as I took the pictures and I had to suffer his company all weekend (this is a joke btw we are actually good friends, for all the non-abletoreadsarcasminmytypestyle people out there) I am putting them up on my site too. The picture's are not as good as I hoped they were going to be to be honest, alot were out of focus but I blame that on my 2 and a half months off ! hah.crowdMaitlands golf is a special one for me, mainly as I've had the misfortune of knowing the guy ever since he first got it when it looked like a boring golf with audi style wheels its just a boring golf with porsche wheels on :P haha. no i joke, The car is amazing now, I have done a full feature of it before so this isnt as detailed, think of it as an Update, as he now has Air ride fitted, So enjoy the pics!:jakdubdubdubme bakback of golfcarsideAnyway Enjoy, Im off to E38 in a few hour's so I hope everyone else's weekend is as good as mine! The next car I have to put up on here is crazy so check back for that next week!