Sorry about slackin' a lil!

Post by adminsdd 29/03/2010 0 Comment Just Chattin,
Sorry about the lack of new car pictures or snowboarding links or anything like that recently, I'm off to america for 3 months to work on a summer camp, doing somthing that will help other people for a change, So i have been busy sorting that out, not only that i forgot my camera at the mimms meet etc, theres a few meets over the next few weeks that i will hopefully be able to single a few cars out and get some stuff on the go!Thanks for checking back though, I hadnt been on here myself over the weekend and the views are still showing :) which i do appriciate.So, here is my attempt to make it up to you and make things good again, heres a picture i took at the NFL @ Wembley last year.nullSo, Were good again?yeah thought so.