Sorry wtf happened in the England V USA Game?!

Post by adminsdd 14/06/2010 0 Comment Just Chattin,
WHAT THE FUCK!?GREEN WTF !?!Seriously, just managed to get on the pc for the first time since i got here in the usa, been a full on training day today and im soooo tired, but yesterday i got to watch the opening game for england at the world cup.We go 1-0 up in the first 3 minutesTHREE MINUTES?!FUCK YEAH i thought!But then i forgot i supported And am from england, the land of fucking disappointmentRobert Green is on how much a week? And he cocks up bigger than i would paying football with my mates?! SERIOUSLY?!Fucking plebSorry about all the swears in this one. But what a grade a nob