South Mimms 2012 Finale.

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So the time has come, the last South Mimm's of 2012. The event happens 3 times a year and is one of the favourites for the Honda kids from around the country, some coming from oversea's just to spend the day at South Mimm's services on the M25.I spent the Saturday before the event in Worthing with Chris Purr & Peter Fyson, just chilling out, cleaning our cars and getting fat on Papa Jon's pizza. Also so I could join their convoy in the morning.Mimm's for me, has become more for the social, I don't want to sound lazy but their are so many good photographers that cover the event, I dont feel so much pressure to make sure i get every car, because if I miss one, someone else would have snapped it & probably better than myself. So I take the time to catch up with some good friends that I have made over the years, arrange photoshoots & features for the future and meet people that I havnt previously.The batch of pictures I did manage to get, I hope you enjoy. its far from my best work, for that I do apologies, but it's all I managed to get.Starting with Phil T's old EK9, now Turbo'd with black Enkei RPF1's, still LOVE that bonnet..ek9 tubFinal day of Tom Walker owning his EK4 Jordan...jordMatt Coles VTI-s ...matt ocleNight hawk black FN2's... one with the big Mugen rear wing.. they seemed a very popular modification at the meet.mguenMoving on to a pair of Milano Red also rocking the mugen front splitter aswel as the rear spoiler, looks the part. I really love what Mugen managed to do with the FN2.fn2redSpotted this S2000 with Sam Evans' old SSR's on, tad lower and this will be a real head turner...s2000Was good to see the Chelmsford boys down at Mimms.... Love the EP3 on Enkeis..Enkeis Glenn's EG...egLoved this EK9. So simple & effective. Looked ready for the track..ek9tdBlue EG on Split Rays from Holland..egGreat colour choice on this EG, really set it apart.egHere are some fellow owners enjoying the great social scene at Mimms...EK4 jdrnTim is Glenn's brother, in his feature of his EG I did, I mentioned his brothers S14, which can be seen here. Just as breath taking as Glenn's EG..S141S142s143S144They also bought along another S14..S14Tom's K-swapped EP1..Ep1Behind where I was parked, there was a group of really clean DC2's. I was very fond of the 2 Championship white JDM spec ones. One sat on Regamaster Evo's & the other on white TE37's.regaste37dc2sPwizzle had parked oposite these guys making for a trio of hard looking Championship White DC2s..peteReally tidy bronze EK4 on Buddyclub wheels..buddyclub ekFyse's S2000, the girl was standing in the way for a good 2 minutes & I couldnt wait any longer to get a picture so her arse got snapped too. not my issue.S2000Liam's Jordan on SSR'sJrodan liamAs South Mimm's has become larger, so has the variants of the cars that turn up, even though it is a dedicated Honda meet, Other marques do come along too. loved how creative this boot was on this Caddy:bootAwesome to see a 3rd gen attending the meet..meetSevens's arrived fashionably late as always in his S2000S2000S22000Ramz had a fresh chargespeed lip on his EK. I love his car, I really want to do a full feature on this in the future..ramzBlue FD2 was tucked away in the corner...FD2Jon's S2000...S2000Really clean Jordan..JordanPretty crazy looking Metro...MetroEK9 Rocking some Decals up his front screen...ek9Tough looking FN2.fn2K Swapped Laguna Seca Blue sprayed EK..ekSeeker V2 Spoiler..rearBlitz on the forums Phoenix Yellow EP3...ep3Dan's Mint DC5.DC5Clean Lexus IS200 Turned up...LexusAnother of the EP3 I mentioned earlier, agressive front splitter looked quality..ep3 frontAnother shot of Seven's S2000.SevensEP3 on Advans.ep3 advanThis EP2 on NISMO Wheels looked really agressive, stance on the EP isnt a huge thing over here just yet, I feel once more people get hold of them they will become more common in the stance state of modifyingep3Coxy looks to be moving on from his EP3..ep3Tidy Ek, Loony had parked up next to him but I forgot to get a picture because I stopped to talk to catch up with him and just forgot to get a picture of his car, I'm sure if you want to see it you can check it out in previous meets images.ekCruised down with this 4Door Ek.ekSi's old K swapped EK was there with some new additions, seems the new owner must not be a fan of 6TWO1 as he's removed the decals for MeisterR ones, never mind heyekHond-R Crew had a hugeee amount of people around their cars each time I walked past, so I didn't manage to get many pictures of their cars which was a disappointment, but the ones i did get..Scott's EK..ekThe Mugen Kitted CRX..crxAndy Boyles beautiful EK9.andys ekRemedi had parked up in the corner towards the end of the day, love the colour of his CRX with the Mugen kit fitted...CRXThe day drew out & it was a great finish to the South Mimm's meets of 2012. I'm already looking forward to 2013 & hoping to have my own DC5 to a some what better quality than it has been standing this year.Crxs2000civic