South Mimms Honda Meet 14.3.2010 Hosted by Endless Horizons and Honda culture

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Right, huge delays as such. More pictures will be added, none of which are my own, i had a brief go on Tegboys camera when we were there but I cannot remember which ones I took and which ones he did. So I’m going to just steal most of them as I know he wont mind.Also none of the pictures are edited.So South Mimm's, this place has taken over where the biggest Honda meet's are held down the bottom half of England ( I say this as I havnt been oop north for any Honda meets & i know Scotland has a pretty crazy following )Being part of Honda Culture i wanted to get there early, so i planned to meet James (also known as fullraceb20) at the garage at south Mimms in his absolutely amazing yellow spoon'd up DC2:Yellow DC2We waited for the rest of the Honda Culture crew and in style we all rolled in together and parked up in the car park, to my surprise though, there were already alot of people there! 3pm start, we rolled in at about 3pm and there were already a good number of people there!DishThe one thing I love about the South Mimms, is the fact that everyone is there for the same reason, and that is to show off there car that they have built, everyone having a different reason behind it, and to be honest its a fantastic feeling, this is why i think, no matter what car I have, I will always have a Honda in the garage too. Even though the Honda scene no matter what ANYONE says is small in this country (England) the few of us that do it, really want it to succeed!DC5sBut Mimm's is appearing over sea’s on forum's & blogs, we have had some amazing turns out before, but none as great as the Dutch & Lithuanian guys coming overDutch civiclt civictegMassive respect to you guysMy civicDN's Civic Matt showing his enthusiasm for Rota’s..mattballin'Big thank you to Teishi Racing, Endless Horizon Motorsport and Honda Culture for sponsoring the event.Awards Of the meet went to:Best Civic Hatch - G-G (Graham) K24 Civic JordanBest Civic Coupe/4dr - Kadirs K20 EG9Best Integra - FullRaceB20 (James) Phoenix Yellow Spoon'd ITRBest Other Honda - Suny0000 (Sunnys) V.I.P AccordCar of the meet - Riks B18C CoupeThe next mimms meet is on May 2nd 2010, and I will be present along with the rest of Honda Culture and my camera! haha please turn up and enjoy the event, Anyone seen acting like this fucking monkey will be asked to leave:[youtube=Do not make yourself look like an idiot like this guy did.Don’t touch other peoples cars unless you ask to first. It’s pathetic and it pisses me off for one. I will tell you this if i see you doing it.Come down, and enjoy the event for what it is, an exhibition of great cars.Big shout to Aatomotion for filming the event in HD too. Thank you vince![youtube=