South Mimm's Honda Meet April 2011

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Originally, the last south Mimm's meet that i attended looked like it may had been the last, after idiots revving their engine's, driving like pillocks and littering everywhere, it didn't seem like we stood much chance of going back.


Well fortunately a deal was met and the South Mimms Honda meet for April 2011 was on.

line up

Now the last Mimm's meet i attended was about the same time last year due to my brief spell in the states. So I wanted to make sure I got there early. After meeting up with some local honda guys we all missioned it down to Mimm's Turning up at 2:30, thinking that would be ample time to get a space before the crowd, BOY was I wrong!! after rocking up and half the car park already being full it was obvious this was going to be a big meet!!


I'm not going to lie, the main reason I go to these meets now isn't for the picture's or the cars, its for the people, I found the regular honda guys, Site, Loony, Ash and we made our way to the most important part of the day, KFC. haha.


As we strolled out after eating, maybe taking 45 minutes away from the car's, we were met by a FULL Car park of Honda's, which had then moved into the Coach park over on the right, this was massive, honestly couldn't get my head around it!! I didn't know what to start taking picture's of there was just to many cars!

Also, I had JUST got my new camera, none of the settings were right, my pictures from these meet are awful & I promise in the future once I've learnt all the settings these will improve


Found a few other familiar face's such as Remedi & caught up with him for a little bit he was also getting the camera skills going for a few magazine's.

remedi loony bird

Ross & Sam Ross sam

Also this year we had some Opera entertainment from Ross's girlfriend Jess.


Tom rolling about in his sick Eg. ooh vtec. tom

Peck, Harv & Ross


A beautiful view of this ek9, wat banner

I honestly could not believe how many cars turned up & such a wide array, all models were represented, even this little thing that I loved!


One thing I love is through out some of the Track cars which are just thrown together & not given to much care other than to go fast, some real gems are about. Such as this Black EG on Image wheels, J's Spoiler & Exhaust etc which I will be doing a full shoot of hopefully very soon!

EG on image

Matt & Dave's Ek's ... Who need's air ride ? Ek's dumped

matts dumped

All styles of modifying were on show, all of the "Crew's" Or "Gang's" as some people like to call them on the forums, where infact, they are just local mates wanting to distinguish themselves a bit (Personally blame old people for trying to be young & just not understanding :p ) were also in attendance. The styles ranged from the Low & slow to crazy stance, on to all out track beasts on to the daily beater, everyone was out to enjoy the Sunday sun!


Frolic's Ek is one of my favourite's. Its a fantasitc car, he uses some amazing parts also & its been around evolving for as long as I have been in the Honda scene ! its so fresh, If you get the chance to check this car out in real life please do:


the Hond-R crew holding it down with the Accord's


Rikz beautiful coupe Rikz

Kadir's K20 EG9 kadir

Thankfully, the weather was great to us, It was hot, the Sun was out causing problems for all the photographers, but no one was complaining. For the first South Mimms meet of the year, it was huge, the Honda scene in the UK is alive & not going anywhere anytime soon!


Thanking all organisers of the meet, you did a great job. also, the Belgium & Lithuanian guys that had driven over, your bloody nuts!! But awesome for coming over aswell!!


Fyse drivingThere's just a few thing's i'm copy pasting this over as its very important:
for anyone who didnt register their cars at the Days Inn hotel reception, can you please email asap your regs or for any inconvenience. The management me and Darkside were communicating with before the event was completely hopeless! He didnt inform anyone there that the event was going ahead (he doesnt work on Sundays and we were trying to contact him on his mobile at least a month before the date, leaving voicemails and texts), so everything had to be re-organised on the day all over againPLEASE GET THE REGS OVER ASAP! Please inform your friends as well if they didnt do it.Also, for the following meet the management have asked for a few things to change -1. Park in the bays, not on the JDM tilt , as there will be a lot more space for everyone. 2. Please adhere to the one way system in place there, do not drive any direction you please as the flow of traffic grinds to halt. 3. No racing around the car park or revving your engines, whoever does this will not get free parking and their regs will be noted down and informed to the police. 4. Everyone will have to register their cars at the Days Inn hotel reception within the 2 hours from when they arrive.The management are happy to continue the meets there as long as these rules are followed. These rules arnt hard to follow, so lets continue the awesome meets there. They will also open up the overflow car park barricaded off for us. If there isnt enough space still available then they are happy for us to park in the coach area as long as the coaches can get through. Thank you everyone for attending and following the managements wishes"
Also, one last thing, make sure you Honda kids get down to this!!! Honda meet*More pictures can be found here (ALL IMAGES): FlickR