South Mimms Honda Meet April 2012 - Part 1

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To some people, car's are just a fad, they're only in to this because right now, they have heard somewhere along the grape vine that owning a Honda is the new in thing. The must have. To fit in on the forums, you have to have it a certain way & ahear to a certain attitude regarding the modifications you choose. For others, its how they've been bought up, whether it was from playing with Hot Wheels & Matchbox cars when they were very young, to getting into Gran Turismo on the PS1.For me It was just something that happened, by the age of 6 I could name every car on the road, from about a mile away. I read Autotrader & Top Marques magazines instead of reading books, car's just managed to get my attention and keep it. I've grown up around Honda's, whether it was being in my first accident in my dads Legend coupe', or being driven around in my mums old 1.4 ef, which is about as far back as my brain can remember! Collectively over my 22 & a bit years on this planet, Only 6 of them months have been without a Honda being directly in my life, even when i had my brief 2 and half month spell not owning one, we still had the CRV in the family, but I managed to get out of the Nissan and back in a Honda sooner than I thought.So to me, Honda's are important, they are part of my upbringing, working at Honda was my first full time job, Honda Civic EP2 was my first car, Honda's are now one way I manage to make some money, through Photography for Total Honda magazine and that is why, I will still be here once everyone has moved onto the next cool thing, the next fad car, the next must be a part of brand, il still be here chatting shit about Honda's and the friends that I get to make along the way. So whether you love or hate me, 6TWO1 is not going anywhere.The South Mimms Honda meet has become somewhat well renown in the Honda calender. Last year we got completly spoilt by the amazing weather, this year however we were not so lucky, drizzle all day, I'd got super cold hands by the end of it. But I had managed to get my new lens in time before the weekend which left me with one change to play around with it which was the day before & even then that was after I had given the DC5 a wash.

Night before

I met up with a few local guys in Colchester before so we could all convoy down together & meet Ben and Sam Brazier on the A12, the BMW is Sam's who is looking to sell that for another Honda so that's why he tagged along for the journey.


Crx convoy 2

The journey was pretty event less to be honest, my car is driving like a piece of shit at the minute due to wrong camber bolts, so I was cruising most of the way to avoid almost certain death.

Upon arrival, we headed to the usual car park only to be shouted at by some guy screaming "HONDA? OVER HERE!!" To which I replied "Nah pal, Honda's Over here!" Trying to get back in the normal and most favoured car park, only to be told to move back to the coach park, I don't think South Mimms really understood that 500 Odd cars were going to be arriving. We had arrived at 12:15 & there must have been around 100 cars already. The meet wasnt due to start untill 2pm.

I have around 90 Images edited & ready to post, im going to be breaking these posts down into 3 over the next 3 days. If your car isnt on here, the photo was either shit and not usable, or its going to be appearing in Total Honda Magazine as I did the coverage for that aswell and did a Unique batch of images for them. So keep your eyes open for that.

Civic's entering the car park.... Ep white rolling in

Reg EG Civic from Belgium with a custom boot, personally, id probably just have a JDM hatch tailgate but I know they love a custom item on their cars over there so cant say it wasn't expected. The BBS's fit nicely too along with a genuine BYS Spoiler plastered with some Pacman stickers.

belgium civic

Jon Alder's freshly stanced out S2000, This is the first of many cars I will be posting with XXR's. They are defiantly the new trend in England, even though they are not my thing, I do understand that they give the look people want for a fairly affordable price & being straight from the USA people can claim to be USDM or something haha.

Xxr S2000

This Red Ep3 I have been watching his build up on Civiclife, it is on 3 piece Blitz split wheels and in real life it looks so much better than any picture's I had seen of it. I also believe he had a babe in his passenger seat but I dont want to jump the gun as I only got a quick look through my zoom lens as it went past after this picture so I have no idea, just thought i'd mention haha!

Red Ep3

you always get that one guy at the meet who thinks he's American dont you? FURAM, This was my passenger for the day- Zak

Standard Loony cleaning his car and wearing a belt that doesnt work photo Loonypullyourtrousersup

Some Civic's trying to find a parking space in the stupid tiny area they cornered off for us


For the last few meets more and more of the Dutch guys have been coming over, the newest addition to these are the Street Sweepers crew, now I honestly don't know what wheels these are, I can only assume they are XXR's aswell due to his friend rolling in on a set I did recognise but I have to say I was a fan of this Civic especially its Bomex spoiler.

Dutch civic 1

With the rain starting to come and us all being peckish we decided to grab some food, I opted for a super fat boy burger king as most of the time I'm fairly health conscious but those god damn Chili Cheese balls make my life so i couldnt resist.


ShootAll Photography crew bringing the old school flavour. Benny used to own the black SiR del sol I posted from one of the ace cafe meets last year on the crazy polished Volks, he now has the Winking Prelude.


It did take us a little while to catch up but the tucked bays are defiantly one of the more usual sites at a Honda meet now, this one was on a White EG with genuine Work Equip 03's..more pictures later of those.. Blue bay on eg

stunning example of a DC2 on TE37s..

DC2 TE37

Bit of a contrast between seen here, Dean's BBS RS equipped DC2 & the Above DC2 on TE37s, I thought it made for a neat picture..


slightly closer look at the Shoot All Accord coupe... Accord coupe

Also this came down with the Shoot All Crew, UK DC2 on some wide green Rota's, with an ARC Themed engine bay.. Dc2

Closer look at the bay arc bay

A front look at Rich's CRX that came down in our Convoy..


I found this coupe at the players show last year and it was red, by complete accident I was following one of the guys on Flickr and it just so happened to see them respraying it in their driveway. The car defiantly has a unique flair to it and I really like its Compomotive wheels. Purple coupe

Josh's Crx, he is fairly new to the Honda world, coming over from owning a very recognisable BMW 3 series on Air ride & Gotti's i believe, I really like how his CRX looks on the Rota's, he has replaced some BBS RS's that he had on as he said it made it drive like shit, but from his posts on the 6TWO1 Facebook page he really wants a set of TE37s.. Josh CRX

A sedan that came down with them, couldn't get a side on photo as I was using my Zoom lens at the time & cars were in my way... Sedan

Josh's girlfriend's Mini Cooper S on her new Rotiform (IM GOING TO GUESS HERE SO DONT SHOOT ME) BLQ's... Mini

Remedi from RPM rolling in, in his Mugen kitted CRX Del Sol.. Remedi

The Accord Euro R is such a beautiful car, I didn't know to much about these but this one is a fine example on the SE37s Euro R1

Dav from Endless Horizon's finally finished (engine wise) B18 Turbo Jordan, im gutted as I didn't manage to get a picture of the cars bay, which is a must see. I will be doing a shoot of this car fully sooner rather than later though so I will keep you fully updated.


And that is the end of Part 1 of the 3. Hope you all enjoyed it and check back tomorrow for part 2...................................

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