South Mimm's Honda Meet April 2012 Part 2.

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Just want to start with saying thank you so much for all the sharing and views yesterday, it was my highest recorded day ever..I Accidentally realised how to make the blog host larger sized pictures! Haha completely by accident, so carrying on from yesterday's post, I can keep this one short and sweet and get straight into the pictures!

This Mugen kitted CRX From the Hond-r selection was defiantly one of the stand out cars from the meet, I wasn't even aware of it being built so seeing it just appear out of almost no-where was pretty awesome. I honestly, have zero information on it other than it was surrounded by people all day so trying to get a good picture of it was near on impossible !! I have a couple more of it which I will post as I get to them....


The Hond-r crew really did come out and show their presence, I managed to speak to one of the co-owners about going down to their shop & photoing some of their builds & cars down in oxford which I will defiantly be taking them up on that as soon as I can. This is their Euro R, in white finished with the TE37s.


Another pristien Accord from the Hond-r selection, this time one which is  Mugen kitted..

Cl7 mugen

an H2B Swapped Civic coupe once again from Hond-r


Frolics civic has always been and always will be one of my favourite civic's from the Uk, amazing selection of parts and not to mention him being a chill guy. Hopefully will be able to do a full feature & shoot on this in the near future.

Folic 1

A Dc5 that made me regret selling my black one...


Simon's EG with a shitty old front bumper on still draws a crowd, this guy I dont understand him haha he's trying to sell it but whilst hes trying to sell it he's also having a custom front bumper done for it. He's buying an Accord Type S from what I understand to get some comforts back in his life and make his long journeys for his own blog "Nucking futs" more enjoyable...


a gender confused civic..or integra...? no definitely a civic... I assume the owner has a B18R engine in it, i can't see any other reasons for the type R decals but other than the decals it was a pretty well put together car..


DC2 on the XXR's that are becoming less of a rarity over here now, I liked its colour, im fairly confident it used to be a dark blue?


Really clean Civic Jordan with a Ek9 Spoiler..


Crx from Belgium in really nice condition...

crx b

a Phoenix Yellow Ep3, I loved this, nice to see something different yet something that looks like it should have rolled out of the Honda factory like this...

yellow ep3

Dean's DC2 on its widened BBS's...Even though its for sale he still changes wheel specs ..

Dc2 bbs

Really nice Red EG fitted with bride seats & SSR wheels...


An up close image of the Work Equip 03's i mentioned yesterday. I have loved these wheels since I saw them on the Spanky EG years ago.


Got to catch up briefly with Vince from Aatomotion who was videoing the event, looking forward to him dropping the new video & got to look over his now matt black k20 civic..

K20 vince

Remedi from RPM & I in a double snapshot !


Loony's EK sitting pride of place and super clean as always....


Quirky 4th Gen from Belgium got a lot of attention... Sorry I dont have more info on the wheels, wish I knew myself.


Even though this Civic was tucked away and has a Replica front lip, it was also rocking the Sprint Hart wheels & a genuine BYS Spoiler. Very clean shell too..

eg bys

Clean Dutch Civic Coupe, the dutch guys always come and represent hard from over seas!


This stanced, mean looking Celica was parked up also, not any info on it once again but it looked pretty nice so thought I'd grab a picture..


A Yellow DC2, I loved this, I love yellow. I want a Yellow Honda.

Yellow dc2

Immaculate EK9. I dont quite understand the fad with putting the model of the car down the windscreen? I saw an EP3 that had it too, I cant grasp why you'd do it haha but fair enough, clean car none the less..


Different view of Frolics EK...


and one of his bay..

folic bay

Another Civic rocking XXR's....

Civic Coupe

Ending today with this amazing Eg Civic on ITB's... The bay is amazing but I didnt manage to get a clean picture typically!! only got this as I was leaving..


Check back one again tomorrow for the finally instalment!