South Mimms Honda Meet April 2012 Part 3

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So here we are! The finally instalment! I hope you have all enjoyed the 3 Part saga I have done for this, I've really enjoyed going over the cars again and also showing you my views on them etc. I hope this year I am able to bring you the best coverage I possibly can from all show's. I set up the Instagram account for live coverage on the days & stuff like that, so follow me, search the tag #6two1 or @6two1 : ) Anyway! Back on with the meet....

This is the black Integra part of the H.I.S Crew, I love it, the enkeis work a treat, they really are a fantastic looking wheel.

Enkei DC5

Lee's EG Hatch..

EG lee

We dont see many of the EG Saloons here in the scene so it's nice when one does pop up


Nicely stanced coupe, very clean car..


I saw this DC2 which had been K Swapped a couple of times, and all times had people crowding around it, I could have tried getting a fancy picture but to be honest by the end of the day I was getting tired of trying & just ended up with this crappy pic, doesnt do the car justice at all...


Very nice Ibis white B18 swapped EK sitting on BBS Rs's...


Another shot of the Yellow DC2 I posted yesterday ..

Yellow dc2

Sunny on the left who owns the Accord Type R on Rays Split rims & Fyse on the right who had the DC2 on Image wheels, he now has an S2000 and I am very much looking forward to seeing what he does with that....


Super sick looking track ready DC2. Whenever I see a car set up like this my brain releases that shit that makes you feel awesome. I would love a set up like this, I cannot imagine what it would be like having this come up behind you on a back road haha.


K Swapped SiR on Regas, freshly resprayed ...


Matt Harvey's SiR & the Green K Swapped SiR next to each other, Matt Harveys Flickr got picked up by some big blogs & a lot of the Tumblr photo blogs so his pictures have been spreading like wildfire recently..


The awesome Milano Ep3 on blitz split rims, still once again dont understand the EPTHREE sticker as I said about the EKNINE but this was one of my favourite cars at the meet.


Chick's dig brown things apparently...

poo brown

I believe this is the Ex Monster Unit Evo...


Some battered up drift looking Bmw came cruising through the car park


This Audi A3 looked mighty out of place in the car park with all the Honda's, very nice example with the polished Bentley rims

audi a3

TypeWriters amazing Dc5 on the Mugen MF10s, Cannot explain how clean the bodywork is on his car, I am so jealous.

mugen dc5

Rear of the DC5

dc5 rear

Laguna Seca Blue EK with a K-swap on enkeis! Looked amazing, another one of my favourite cars of the meet.


Clean EBP Coupe


Silver Facelift EK9 on TE37s


Very nice to see something slightly different, this Lexus IS350 on the NT03's is fantastic. Been a big fan of these since my cousin in L.A let me drive his.


Blue EG is one of my favourite car's in the Honda UK Scene. Once again coming from the same group of guys that constantly own clean, simple, effective Honda's. This is sat on Work wheels, Spoon breaks and a bride seat. I'm sure there is more too it but until I get a better look around this is all I can tell you

Bleue eg

Sunny's Accord Type R, Full shoot will be arranged soon for this..

Sunny Accord

Now for possibliy the CLEANEST Ek9 in the entire world, I know how anal this guy is about keeping it clean, when he cleans it, the wheels come off, the front arches come off and it has a FULL detail, amazing, brand new Rega's fresh out the box. Brand new decals. Just essence.

ek9 jon

Rear of Ben Braziers EJ9, this probably wont see a meet again as he picked up a JDM DC2 the day after..

Ben Ej9

Nath's DC2 on BBS RS's..

naths dc2

One of Hond-r's amazing bays.


Because we stuck around quite late I managed to finish up with getting some pictures of the Mugen CRX without 300 gurning people around it.

mugen crx

With the Bonnet up..


and to finish off one of its bay..

bayTo summarise, Mimm's is awesome. Its a great place to catch up with people that you can't always keep in touch with, to check out new car's in the scene & some of the old. I hope you have all enjoyed the coverage I have bought you & I hope you check back in the future to see what else I have been getting up too. I am doing a lot of work with Total Honda Magazine & have plans to link up with a few street crews around the UK along with some tuning shops to bring you what they have. Not only that, I am off to Holland at the end of the month & will have some great stuff from that trip!!Thank you once again.Aj.
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