South Mimms Honda Meet Part 2 - June 2011

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FN2'sAs always I was really looking forward to this. I love South Mimms Honda meets, they are just so chill & full of chill people who just want to chill around some Honda's.Dc2I Love Honda's. I Love chill people and I especially love Kfc. So yeah South Mimms is an awesome day out.rikzNow normally everyone at these meet's has epic amounts of convo's to have, as we don't all get to see each other every day we normally collectively have enough entertaining stories to get us through without getting bored of each other haha. But today was different. It seemed that England forgot it was England for a whilst, the Sun felt about 200,000 Miles closer to us than normal and we were all melting! in fact i dont think i had a conversation with anyone that didn't start with, "I am so friggin hot right now".crewageJRNow im normally a fairly healthy chap and only have a kfc on South Mimm's days or a Friday. haha But I Regretted it, I was almost crawling around. I Opted for the Skateboard to get me around the car park that's how CBA I had become.Honda's In South holding down the stance game..yo (I think i kinda said that scene enough for them? ;p )Simon's egShuttlefysewhite ekBut, All in all the day was good, I didn't stick around to late as, like I have already mentioned, it was far to hot. But as always the UK Honda Scene is growing & the car's are becoming forever more awesome.insaine baycrzHond-R once again come down with they're awesome & rare cars!EuroR AccordMugen AccordMugen StreamHendly Performance once again showed up with my favourite car of JapfestSpoon S2kEach time I go I notice somthing new on one of the car's or a new car will appear on the Scene & its really cool to see, as I feel I've been around in the English Honda scene a while now & have met a lot of sick guys & girls through it. So meeting more is always a cool thing.fyse civThe Meet wasn't as big as the previous one, I have a few reason's that I assume contributed to it, a lot of people got paid late this month, meaning the day out isn't a cheap one due to the inflated petrol cost's & the food there isn't cheap. Not only that, Modified Live was on the same day, So they had the drift champion's up on there. Also the F1 was on & I know a lot of people are dedicated to that.J's s2kOnce again, the dutch guy's that made the trip really impressed me! They come down, Slept in the car park over night ! & Had their car's looking spotless come the time we arrived.aral dc2ek & egI am a big fan of the colour of this EG, set of different rims & this would be perfect to meBrownegReally clean Coupe from Holland.CoupeFirst time I've been able to see (Jor-don's) Dav's freshly finished Jordan from Endless Horizon. Going to have to hook him up with a Full Feature soon!EH& another Honda Culture & Endless Creation- Rik's Fantastic Coupe. (This guy also needs a full feature his LCA's are the sickest things I've ever seen.rikzda2I'm really looking forward to the next one, I just love going & catching up with everyone aswell as hanging with the Honda Culture Homies!. I've spoke with a few people & I also am after a few other cars to hook up with for individual shoots. So once I get them organised, you'll get some pretty special content!Chris chilltomCiviccoupe rikzEK9on the way Peck & I Filmed a video of me just dicking around. It's only a bit of fun.Also, I'm having a sticker design competition. Check the facebook for details!