South Mimms Honda Meet Winter 2013 : The Final Curtain

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So here I am writing for the final time about the legendary South Mimms Honda meet. Dav started up this little Honda meet when I had my blue EP2. This was before 6TWO1 was even a thing, before it was even its first name I gave my blog, before I even had an SLR Camera.South Mimms on any other day is just a Motorway service station, but for those few days a year where the Honda kids come to take over, its our own little piece of paradise, well, It was up until the recent meets. This being an un-marshalled event (& It had become an event) It meant that if trouble was being caused by the minority, it was always going to spoil it for the majority. The reason given for the Mimms meets being stopped was that they've got to big. Which I honestly do not believe. Management would not stop people coming and spending way to much money on KFC & BK at their services for no good reason, I believe it is because of the drifting on the roundabouts, the bouncing off the rev limiter, the "2 Step" & "Keybanging". I cant even wonder what goes through someones head when they're sat in the middle of a meet, on their own in the car just revving. It sounds stupid & you are just embarrassing yourself. No one, not ONE person will be stood there going, "Wow now that guy/girl sat in their car right there is the single reason I got into hondas, they're so cool I ASPIRE TO BE LIKE THEM!" I can only hope that future meets that Dav arranges have enough resources to stop this happening. As now, another perfect location is no longer available for us to use.With that, Mimms has really been a fantastic meet, I have made so many close friends through it, been able to grow previous friendships and for what is just a motorway services, it will always be more than that to me. It is a place where I have been able to grow my own brand, 6TWO1 from giving away a few stickers I got made from left overs a few years ago, to selling my own 6TWO1 Clothing line & decals I now make myself, A place where my photography has gone from my Iphone 3g now on to my Canon 7D, reaching forums & blogs worldwide & Even gracing the pages of some magazines. It truly has been a stepping stone for me in my life, one of which I will never forget.This last meet, we had not been gifted the weather we had grown so accustom to over the years. Although it is to be expected in the middle of October in England many of us come prepared with Umbrella's.We all met up at the speedstore where I had been packing up my stock for the day as per request of people via the social media outlets, as we went to join the A14, Pete (Who was in my passenger seat) got a call from Harv saying something was wrong on his car, so we limped it back to Pete's house.Turns out Harv did have a problem and that his brake caliper on the passenger side was almost about to fall off due to a few bolts working their way loose..eK harvI took this time to try & de-rust my Camera skills, this year I havnt found myself behind the camera as much as I would normally have been due to 6TWO1's clothing line taking off, so I have stuck around a lot of the time by the civic incase of some sales!Also I havnt really updated you in picture form of my EG because of the Honda Diaries! Which you can watch here : // & Pete working out which bolts will fit it back on so Harv could limp the car home later..harv&pPete was modelling our latest Snapback & Hoodie, both of which are selling super fast so if you want one its best to grab sooner rather than later!P Hoodies & Snapbacks available here : // interiorHarv's face says it all. The theme for our day really !Harv Car packed up with some stock, Luckily Jack who owns a CRZ had lent me his boot for the day for the rest of my gear as it wouldn't fit in the EG!egHarv's car back down on the floor & unsafe for the journey we rounded up the troops (zak) and swapped cars over so we could all head up there. Harv hopped in with me whilst Zak headed to petes.harvAs we arrived everyone had parked terribly. Now how hard is it just to line up next to one another? Why curve off, why leave huge gaps? It means more people cannot fit in. I had to just dump the EG whilst we signed in at the Hotel & grabbed some of Kentucky's finest chicken. As I headed back I managed to get a space & instantly was busy. I cannot thank you all enough for coming over & saying hello, grabbing some Clothing, Beanies, Hoodies, hats, T-shirts & stickers! even sold some detailer too which was awesome!! My pictures of the event are limited, due to being so busy all day, or trying to avoid the monsoon which cast above us!Really tidy EF on enkeis...ef& Another, this time on Mugens..efNR Honda club...NRhonda4th Gen JDM sedan with one of the 6two1 stickers on the screen !EF sedan& Another EF! this time with the Devil wing & 6two1/own the nights stickers also on show !6two1From old school to the new. This FN2 is supercharged, Brembo big brake upgrade, Rotas and the colour is stunning, rain or shine it looks incredible! One of my favourites.fn2]Aarons EG that parked up next to mine, really nice build this EG. (also with the 6TWO1 sticker ;] )EGFriend of mine Gareth's Coupe has transformed this year. Sits really nice on the Rota Slips, my personal favourite wheels he's had for it!GartehAnother coupe this time sat on Split wheels (Maybe BBS? it was wet & I wasnt paying much attention, was just hiding under hoho's brolly!)coupeTommys awesome Honda Jazz.jazzBig fan of this yellow Jazz! looked so good with such minimal mods.jazzThe "Loon's" S2000. What an amazing car, Beautiful combination of genuine parts....s2krearThat is literally as far from my Civic as I got all day! (except for when signing in! I was parked about 20 feet away)My Homie Matt Howard in his Phoenix Yellow K20 Integra DC2K20Freshly imported SE37sseNot common to see these AeroDeck modified..aerodeckMitch's EP3 & Dan Goodmans' coupe...epBy this moment, the rain was so heavy, I still had to get one last picture of this from the rear! Love the 6two1 sticker placement on the wing!rearOne last car I HAD to get pictures of was my dude Hoho Chan's Accord. seen it so many times yet never got any good pictures! its Mugen kit, BBS LM's & mugen parts all over, aswel as the first Spoon Sports part I ever sold through 6TWO1 on it (strut brace). I love it! He's a great guy too, always happy to keep my dry under his umbrella ! haha.AccordAccordWe made the wet joruney home, stuck in traffic for 9 miles on the A12. unloaded the EG & just as Harv & I set off home I managed to Snap a driveshaft clean in half! This morning came around and the coolest AA Mechanic came out to help me. Got the EG Home safe & will start on the repairs once I am back from Holiday & Sema!aaThat brings the last EVER 6TWO1 South Mimms Honda meet post to an end. It has been a great run at this location, I can only be excited for what comes next. Remember we host our OWN show with a HONDA ONLY Area, which is policed by Security & Marshal's all day. With Dj's & Trade stands @ Colchester United football stadium !Join the group & Keep up to date here : you for reading, thank you for growing with me here at 6TWO1. I would not be in the position I am without your support. Everyone who has bought something even if it is just a sticker, Thank you!!! I hope you will all come down and join in the fun at IMPACTTWO14Rest in piece South Mimms honda meet, you have been Friggin awesome!! 6TWO1 will miss you!ad1