SPOTLIGHT : Si Bucknell's Honda Integra DC5

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Dear facebook pages who are here just to save the pictures to post to their page, I have no issue with this but please can you give credit by linking the 6two1 facebook page which can be found here: First of 5 Little spotlight series posts I want to show you from the Recent South Mimms. These are not full features, I do not plan on going into far to much detail, but I fear sometimes certain cars get lost in the big posts among countless images and ramblings.Here is my good friend's DC5 Type R. Simon built one of the finest K20 Civic's and drove it hard on track. Once he felt time to move on from that, the chance to own a DC5 arose, he took the opportunity and set apart rebuilding it from the ground up. Which he has done with some style.I will be doing a full feature for this at some point, but for now, enjoy the images.MUGEN DC5Same colour Cam Cover as he did on his previous Civic..K20New up-rated Avid engine mounts..Avid racingHe is hooked up with suspension from Meister R and you can see the first Glimpse of the colour which is a running theme through out the car.sparklySimon's Goal with the DC5 is to terrorize the track at whatever opportunity he gets, So the tow hook through his bumper is actually functional.FRont Rain light centered also doubles as a Fog light for UK MOT PurposesRainlightMan's making sure people who know built it hahaSibuiltlink 1Full rollcage in the same colour as the strut braces. Rear of the NRG Carbon Bucket seats & Takata harnessesseatsRear of the DC5 with the Mugen SpoilerMugen rearMugenThe Car has full perspex windows all round (excluding windscreen I think)windowpushThe interior is purpose only. No creature comforts here, Personal Steering wheel, NeoChrome gear knob, carbon fibre dash with numerous wires and plugs all over the placeinteriorTakataGearknobI cant remember what tires these were. I did ask, but I've forgotten haha.tyresFrom the front the C-west bonnet & the Mugen front bumper looks really aggressivebonnet forntSi's DC5 will be on Show at Our very first premium event - IMPACT 9th June ! tickets available below!ad1//