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It's been a long time coming. But Finally It's happened. Status Racing seats have landed on UK Soil (not literally) for Sale. I am proud to announce that 6TWO1 is the company that is bringing the seats in!!seatstopsWe have currently 13 in stock, but I will be having one for my own car. Haha. But its still in the box so if someone else wants it I will get one in on the next shipment for myself as Im not being greedy. These seats are incredible. Honestly I have had 2 days getting hands on with them now and I don't want to put them down.The seats we will be stocking are the RING line. The fixed bucket : one of which is FIA ApprovedStatus Racing Ring FIA Approved : £599gtringStatus Racing Ring GT : £649gtgtStatus Racing Ring GT-X : £649front gtxThe Status Seats are by far, the most comfortable I have ever sat in. Thats no understatement! I have Owned Recaro's & Also been using a bride for the last 3 months and I would take the Status any day. But this will be for you to decide, so come on down to the Speedstore to try one out !Line upAny Seats in the store that you like, we can still get but they will incur a large postage cost. If you want to purchase one, we can accept the order within 30 days of us placing our next order shipment which I will announce on the blog 30 days before it happens.We will also be approving other dealers to sell these direct from us. if you are a car parts trader and would like to set up an account please contact Adam@6two1.comWe are really excited by the status range & can only see this being huge! Just what the Car scene in the UK needed!you can purchase one here! We have them all in stock currently:// I am so excited to have these in stock in the shop & to be the main importers of the seats. They really are so good! with the right rails they will fit in anything (all side mounts).Seat2 Awesome cars at Sema also had the Status Seats...Liberty Walk M3 on Airlift SuspensionM3& This Awesome GT86!StatusHope you will join the Status Racing family soon.....Any Questions Email or give us a call Monday - Friday on 01206 865544ad1