Sunkist EM1

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FrontInstagram is a beautiful thing. This year it has worked to my advantage on a few different occasions for very different things. After Eibach earlier this year, I posted up an image of Chivas EM1. Somehow this found its way onto his iPhone & he liked the image. This ment I was able to follow his account, and over a few weeks arrange a photoshoot. All Via instagram, until the comments got to long and it reverted to emails, for when I would be coming over to Vegas for the Sema show.Chivas 4Chivas was cool enough to pick me up from my hotel after he had finished one of his classes & we headed out in his daily Mugen Si (which I didn't get a picture of but it was a very nice car, 1 of 1000 ever made, nearly every item on the bloody thing was mugen from the factory, adjustable spoiler included) and collected his EM1 Coupe from his home.front 11Chivas 7We headed to a new meet that has started up on a Wednesday night at some department stores car park here in Las Vegas & it really reminded me of home. You have some really nice cars, some really beaten up cars, the bikers & then the idiots with the rascal cars doing burnouts whilst having nicki minaj's bassline punishing your ear drums, the only difference really was their engines were V8's not 1.2s haha.Chivas 8Like in England, the police were pretty fast to shut this down & move people on so a small group of us headed to an underground car park to get some images.Chivas 10Chivas EM1 hasnt been built in a week, like some cheque book cars that get purchased & chucked at a bodyshop. This EM1 used to be his daily ride to school and back.sideAll the way back in 2005 was when he first got the car (How old does that make you feel eh?) & it has been a gradual build ever since.chiavs 5The EM1 was one of my favourite cars from Eibach. Its been one of my favourites ever since he got his wheels, the white CPR combined with the Orange House of Kolor paint really makes it stand out whilst also remind me of my orange fn1 with the white regas, I think I will always be bias to this colour combination.chivasUnder the hood you see a pearlescent colour switching purple to blue tucked bay. Finished with the chrome components from dipped parts, such as the rocker cover on the JDM B18 GSR engine.Chivas bay 2bay1Living in the Nevada desert, he opted to keep his Air con system (Which I personally think was a fantastic idea haha) as in the heat it really is a "Hot" some people will never experience, where as at night it gets really cold.chiavs 3 you can see the light reflection on some of the images, I wasnt aware of this until I had gotten back to my hotel & gone through the images & my photoshop skills arnt good enough to get rid of it, this annoys me more than you, trust meRear Chivas 9On the inside, Chivas also has the EVO4 Recaro speeds, I am guessing out here they are quite hard to get hold of, like most things that seem easy for them to get are impossible for us and vice versa!Chvias 6I'm so glad Chivas was such a cool guy, some of the time when someone builds a car that gets recognition worldwide through out the scene the dudes can become pretty full of themselves for no real reason whatsoever. But Chivas stays grounded, was happy enough to come out of his way to collect me & introduce me to all his friends for the evening, making me feel very welcome, even feeling part of their group on my first time of meeting them & I have to admit, cruising around Vegas with Chivas in the Sunkist EM1 was definitely something that made me smile, as a Honda enthusiast & a fan of the car. Even just having a 6TWO1 sticker on it makes me feel great.Chivas 1Just another reason why I love Honda's & I love building cars & the "Scene" I am part of, you get the trolls and the idiots that come and go, but if you do it right you can make friends all over the world, just because of what starts off as one similar interest.Its a beautiful thing.