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Other than trying to show off what sort of thing the UK can produce car wise, i also like to update this occasionally with music, and today i want to just put a couple of video's of some of the UK's artist's which i cant stop listening to, I was told to listen to these guys from my mate Harv who does the filming and runs Fanatique films....BoyBetterKnow still coming stong and growing with each tune one of them produces. Skepta is Killing it now. No doubt about it. So so consistant. this is his newest song ;SKEPTA: RESCUE ME [youtube=Also, JME, who is actually Skepta's brother and another part of the BoyBetterKnow collective. has a song out for Release on ITUNES on 30TH MAY, make sure to get your copy:JME FT TEMPA T : CD is Dead[youtube=Skepta & JME both have twitter accounts which you can follow via:@jmeBBK @SkeptaI also got to check these out when they supported 50 Cent at Wembley and Skepta performed his song BAD BOY, which is currently out on Itunes, Go buy!:[youtube=The all perform with crazy charisma and I love it. cant wait to see Which ever one of them pop's up local to me next, last time JME Performed in Route in colchester, it was a stupidly sound night i was making sure i saw him even after being horrendously drunk which led to being sick all over myself in the most ungraceful mannor anyone can imagine, going home, getting washed & changed then coming back to the club & getting in free on the Stamp haha. but yeah. they are awesome.You can also pick up any Boy better know Merch at Which are very very reliable and very quick service as i have bought from them before. BUY THERE STUFF HERE! CLICK to go to UKrecordshopBasically il let JME do the talking, as its his products :[youtube=Boybetterknow.