Thank you :)

Post by adminsdd 20/05/2010 0 Comment Uncategorized,Just Chattin,
Just wanted to say thank you..Again lol, Realistically when i started this blog up i thought id maybe hit 10 views a month and that was it, its getting great, i wont reveal how many hits im getting so far but this really makes me smile, im sure not all people that check up are here to be nice, but thats up to you.Im just happy that people are checking back! also, this post is to say over the next few months the blog will be pretty inactive... untill September again to be honest! Im making a seperate one for my trip to america as i don't want 6two1 Diverting away from what ive made it into.So Its just a thank you. Il update the facebook if i have anything worth reading about so you can check back and see whats going on..but when im back i have 2-3 Potential shows in the first 2 weeks!Edition 38 Trax JAEThen I am set to plan a trip to wales to See A few friends i have that way with frickin AWESOME cars, then im off to scotland to meet up with the HYPE Crew and Hopefully monster Unit but im yet to clarify that!Anyway guys this is the thank you, a crappy picture from mimms like a year ago lol. anyway. See you soon :)EP3