The Chronicles IV Meet. Part1

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Thought I would start off my event coverage from the USA, with Part 1 of The Chronicles IV.lude 1I can't lie, my time out in the States has been pretty manic. Catching flights all over the place, attending shows & meets, making new friends, seeing family, putting on a shit load of weight because of the damn food over here & also struggling really hard to sleep haha. Its fine though, it's all been worth it.I have Sema Coverage for you also, but I will try to reel these off in segments, Sema part 1 will come next and it will continue like this until they both finish. I got a lot of images from both events & have a fair amount to say on both of them too so I really don't want to miss out on giving either the attentino they deserve, at the minute it's just finding the time to get all the images edited to post them.The Chronicles is a blog I got introduced to by a friend of mine from Scotland a long time ago now, I think It was early 2009. Ever since I have always checked back & admired his work from a far, after speaking with him a couple times regarding a shitty magazine that wasn't paying either of us for the work I did I met him at Eibach earlier in the year and picked up a few pieces of the chronicles merchandise & a cake his girlfriend had made haha. By chance this year, he was hosting his Anniversary meet at the Eibach building in Corona on a weekend that I was stateside. I had to go, just so I could say I had been, plus I needed to make the most of my time over in America. After booking the flights & the hire car, I was really excited about the meet, the quality of car's Joey is able to pull to a meet is always top class so I couldnt wait to get to see some of them in real life.Fortunately for me, I had met Chivas a few days prior when I had shot his car and hung out with him for the evening with his friends in Las Vegas, I dont mind going places on my own but it is always a bonus when you do know someone who will be there.I arrived in California at John Wayne airport (Because im a tourist & don't know any better); collected my rental car which was a brand spankin' new Volkswagen Passat. Result as all i had paid for was a toyota corolla and headed to find a coffee shop & 7/11, Las Vegas had been a mild low 80's for the week, landing in LA it felt a lot hotter, I picked up a Monster Energy & some suncream from 7/11 and headed to starbucks to kill a few hours before I drove off to Corona for the show, being told not to arrive until after 1pm.Driving on some of these huge American highways is daunting, I have no issue driving anywhere but having an 18 wheeler on one side and a Ford F550 on the other (google it) of a 14 lane highway, 7 lanes either side, it was pretty nuts haha.I arrived at 1pm and because the guys I knew were going to be a bit late, I took a walk around the facility, said hello to Joey & also saw Big Mike, Ryan from Rywire & DPK David as I made my way around. I have around 800 pictures in total of the event to go through, this first batch are some of my favourites, not all of them just a few. They're in no time period order, just some that I wanted to show you straight away.chillI first saw this blue coupe on the internet. I love its simplicity and the quality of parts used such as the Backyard Special front bumper, Spoon calipers & the Regamasters...spoon coupeTidy black S2000 on possibly my favourite wheels currently. I really want a set.s2k enkeiReally clean White pre facelift coupe, TE37s.white coupeStunning NSX, simple body work, lowered on the RPF01'snsxnsxRear shot of this wide boy S2000.rearRear shot of this stanced Vivid blue pearl RSX on TE37s ....rsxI still love how these look, shame I never got on with the drive...350zS2000 on RFP01's and a huge turbo under the hood. Would love to know the power it is runnings2kRPF01's have to be the most popular wheel currently, as they were on almost everything... Look great though...crxanother of the S2K....s2kReal DC2 race car...racecarbeautiful CRZ, I'm not to up to date with the lips etc so I cant tell you what one it is, It may be a J's racing..CrzUS 8th Gen converted to the JDM facelift...fd2These new GTR's are proving a very popular choice to the motor enthusasit who isnt sort of a penny. Theyre so big. just, so huge! haha. Awesome looking carGTRI can't pretend seeing this NSX at the event didnt make me smile, it's achieved its notority through those 24CT Gold Mugen MF10s, which have been put up for sale since, at a small price tag of $8000 as they are....NsxI have many more images of this exact model if you are a fan, you can thank Sema...gt8frontgtgt86Eibach's K Swapped CRZ...krzEibachAutoFashion's GT86...afI briefly met BigMike at Eibach earlier in the year and he was in attendance at The Chronicles with his Prelude, he explained to me that he has even bigger plans for the lude & it is far from being done....predludeSat proudly on the NSX fitment regamasters...rearGT86's for a relatively new car, really have been targeted by the modifying groups...gtThis dude carted these rims around all day haha I only realised when I got the images onto my laptop that I realised he was trying to sell them, I wonder if he ever did?..rimzFacelift RSX Turbo on CCW Splits...rsxI saw this NSX rolling around but don't think I saw it parked up. I think it was on Meisters or the SSR equivalents, I havn't finished editing the images yet though so I may find some more..nsxRoyal Origins Impreza.. Looked amazing, honestly I do enjoy seeing cars that have been hit with the stance stick & this Impreza really left an impact on me. Seriously cool looking car.wrxI really, really loved this NSX.NSXStunning S2000 on Gold BBS LM'sgold lmsEnding Part 1 on Chivas EM1, I love this car. The guy is seriosuly cool too, if you missed the photoshoot I did whilst over in Vegas check it out by clicking the image of his carchivasThank you for viewing, I think I will post Sema part 1 next...ADD