The Chronicles IV Meet. Part2

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After seeing so many other blogs & coverage chuck up theirs on The Chronicles IV & Joey doing an awesome job managing a lot of coverage even though everytime I saw him during the day he was really busy with making sure the day ran smooth so props to him! It gave me a little time to get my head together back here in England, things are changing, a lot is going on behind the scenes here so I can only appologies that the blog has taken a little while to get the remaining coverage ready.SO WELCOME TO PART 2!I want to jump straight back in to IV coverage, starting with this Bronze EG with BYS wing & spoiler and the Sprint Hart CPF's...EGBlue EG on Weds Sport SA-90dispicable meanother EG, front splitter for ultimate downforceegEK on Volk Racing split rimsekClean EM1 on RPF1scuopeLove the Blue on this Civic. Also sat on RPF1s, Like I said in part 1, very popular wheels, also rocking a DC5 Mugen style spoilerBlueUSDM Accord slammed on huge wheels, I don't know what they are..AccordCream coupe on Enkei 92sCoupecreamJDM DB8 resprayed in a bright green, I loved it. I love these non oem resprays...greenreally nice S2000..s2kDownStarXBoltboys were selling some of their cool engine bay dressup items and had their integra on show..dc2The paint on this S2000 was awesome, Blue with a purple overlayS2000Shot of Chivas rolling in to the event, turning up fashionably late! hahacoupeRay Deleon in his DC2 rolling in just after Chivas..dc2Loved this AccordaccordMugen Spoiler...CE28s...perfectaccordStunning Del Sol, all Mugen everything...mugen crxLast saw this coupe when I visited Rywire, looked great out and all cleaned up ..coupemugensEngine bayDPK Davids Civic Coupe...COUPEPhaze 2 Accord/TSX Now without the J's Racing front bumperaccordRoyal Origins Lexus IS200LexusSpoon breaks, Mugen Wheels, BYS lip, BYS Spoiler...EgI dont really have many words for this, the VIP scene in England is all but non existent, so seeing something like this was pretty speciallexusRoyal Origins Civic on Rotiforms...RotofimAnother Royal Origin car, this time an Accordaccord& another..SubaruSilver EG on Mugen MF10 wheelsEgWidebody NSX. These things only exist in dreams here in England.NSXI believe this car took home overall Car of the EventCar of eventI believe theyre an Infinity G37? but I may be wrong. As Infinity have only just been introduced over here as a Manufacture..infinitiPurple EG on Mugen RNR wheelsMgenu egNicely fitted 350z in a sick bronze colour..350zTactical Art Guys had come over from Japan for the event, found then catching some shade out of the California sun just as I was! guess neither of us are used to it hahatactical artDetailed shot of the Gold Mugen MF10s. Unrealnsx wheelsJDM Front swapped DC2 with BYS front bumper & Mugen rear spoiler..dc2this is the end of part 2, hope to bring you part 3 straight after part 2 of Sema in a couple of days!!ad1thrll