Ultimate Dubs 2011

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Soooo its that time of year again.Ultimate dubs is the first show in my calendar for the year, I had only been once before, 2009 I think it was, all I can really remember from that was how bored I was come 12pm on the Sunday, this I must have forgotten when I agreed to go up as a passenger once again !Anyway at least I was going up with one of the cars of the show, That was a positive.Rocco morningAll meeting at Nathan's at 10am (way to early) on the Saturday morning, Will turned up, then we proceeded off, on THE slowest convoy of 3 cars I have ever been part of, now I have the attention span of a Fish (Hense why sometimes my grammar is poor & It takes me 2 weeks to edit 8 pictures & do a write up of some show i didn't really have to much interest in in the first place) BUT Regardless, we cracked on. It felt like it took about 3 years to get to the show when in reality it was about 3 & Half hours.Once we arrived, in the only way Volkswagen owners seem to know how, waving at each other & smiling as if they have just petted a unicorn, I decided to go check into the room that I had luckily acquired through a friend. It was alright, no way worth 70£ a night though!!Oldschool Anyway, as you would expect, theres some fantastic looking cars, the main reason me going up on the Saturday to this show is that I get to go into the arena early & take a bunch of pictures without the usual crowd that the show's have. This is a benefit as it means I do not have 2000 people looking around the best cars constantly getting in the way of pictures. Beauty!Anyway there really are some cracking idea's that go around the VW world, far to much money too, I mean who really looks at a van & goes, Im going to put £4000 (There or there abouts) Worth of wheels on it!Well blow me down & call me jimmy but i like it. I'm down for people making visions like this happen as it is nice to look at and it does make people talk about it so yeah, cool van.VanBut im telling you now, if that was mine, I would even let people go near it, let alone a spade & maybe some roofing tiles.As far as the stands go inside, Plush's was probably my favourite. Maybe I'm impartial as my friend Maitland's car is on their with its 2011 Usdm look, it looks good, he had a constant boner on about his stance or something but I just liked saying it looked shiny & pretend I dont know what he is talking about as it really annoys him haha.MaitlandSo this next car has 500+ Bhp I think it said? I cant remember exact spec's of the car, I hadnt taken any notes, but it looked good, sat nice on the BBS's, ultra clean.mk4 Some more images from the show:Rotiform caddy Sweet Polo on Equip 03's (one of my favourite wheels)PoloOne of my favourite Mk4's from the show:Mk4This was my Favourite Volkswagen: Porsche Obviously im being sarcastic.I appriciate everyone in the dub world dig's the porsches, I dont get it to be honest but whatever each to their own & that. but why is a Porsche allowed inside at a Volkswagen show & Volkswagens that people have spent a long time building & put alot of man hours into turned away so some Rich guy in a porsche can park his car on show? I mean dont get me wrong, that's a tasty looking porsche! But it's beyond me why this happens. Should have been Called Ultimate New volkwagens & Audis on Air ride, with a Few supercars you're never going to be able to afford & a few mk1 & 2's chucked here and there.Aarons Eos on Rotiforms & Air: EosSnap!Best car I saw all weekend; rat rodI feel I have been ultra ULTRA Critical of this show, but the reason is, I had to pay £12 & drive 3 n half hours to walk around 3 hall's in doors then a Car park, literally a car park outside with maybe 10 cars worth looking at in the whole thing, by 12pm on the sunday I was bored out of my brain, there is NOT enough entertainment provided to keep people entertained, I had to stick around for the judging obviously as my mate had his car on show (in my opinion THE best Scirocco there by a MILE) but who am I to have an opinion I've never built a sick car. We were so bored at the show, we took a walk to the local mall, Vikki bought a new CD for the epically long drive home.That was it, in a nutshell, I'm not sure if il go again next year, I'll just go to the next show where everyone will go! If i do go next year no WAY will I stick around to see the people win awards, how is this Judged?? Friends of the Judges? people that drove furthest just so they come back next year & the show gets talked about abroad ??? I dont know. but whatever.A4 EstateAlso im now reading a lot of people on forums saying "rotiforms are played out", well to be honest, I went as a sceptic, I like to Judge first hand, Well check most of the cars that have ended up on here? I like them, they make nice wheels, they look good & they are NOT CHEAP!! HOW MUCH FOR A SET?!?! couldn't believe it i thought they were like Rota Priced.All I really can take away from this weekend is the knowledge that i cannot go anywhere with my mates without us breaking absolutely everything & how much they complain. But i knew this already. They made my weekend, the show didnt.