Ultimate Dubs 2012

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I said last year that I wasn't going to be attending Ultimate dubs this year, due to being bored to death the previous 2 years of attendance.  So let me give you my poor excuse why we actually drove, for what took us about 4:30hours because the Sat Nav got scared and ended up at the show.My friends Zak, Nathan, Vikki and I all went to get a drink on Saturday night in colchester in a bar called the Playhouse. Now we were sitting there, laughing & joking around and screaming WHEYYY when someone dropped a glass, but Nath kept checking instagram and seeing all of the photos from the night before the show being uploaded. He started crying about wanting to go, so we made the executive decision, there and then do take his & Vikki's polo up to the show. So that was that.I was delayed on getting to their house because of some marathon in Colchester that next morning. When we finally got going the crappy sat nav they had took us through every road that wasn't a duel carriage way and put us in every traffic jam you can imagine, it also managed to find every learner driver currently not able to control the clutch on the roads that morning.Upon arrival, 4:30hours after we had started our little Sunday morning cruise up to Telford, we parked up and had a brief look around the cars outside before heading in to the main arena.

Found this Harlequin Polo in the car park on them weird teddy bear wheels


The car park isnt Volkswagen or VAG only, which is good for me as I like all kind's of cars, saw this Colt also;


The main area's are always one of my most frustrating places to take pictures, the lighting is horrible and different in each room so if you forget to change your Camera settings for each room the pictures can come out awful and then its almost a completely wasted day, this was the case for me, I hate some of my images but I wanted to post them anyway just to show you what i saw & give my two cents on some of the whips.

Fifteen52 wheels on a Skoda Octavia Skoda

Mentioning these two car's early in the set, first off the Players RS4 in its new guise. The paintwork I like, but I like lairy colours, compared to how it used to look in the Orange, I also think I preferred the Orange paint, but once again this is only due to Orange being one of my favourite colours. The flat green on the car does look cool and once again makes the car one of the most noticeable at the show. You couldn't miss it. The wheels on the other hand, I am not a huge fan of, I can only assume they're Rotiform but I defiantly preferred its last set. I miss the concave spokes on the back.

The Van on the other hand, well would you believe this is the Red one from last year? it has had a face lift, and a new set of once again Rotiform wheels. It looks incredible, I personally cannot fault it. I love this Van, it is defiantly one of my favourite Cars at the show. (or van)

Van & Players

Another Harlequin car this time in the form of a Mk3, I quite liked it. HArlymk3

Paid a small visit to the Squared wheels stand, didn't get to say hi to anyone but next time il pop my head in! Amg

from what I've read on the forums & various blog pages, this Mk5 on the Regal stand is running 400bhp? Wheels look awesome too. Regal

A beautiful old school 911 in a vibrant red that screams awesome at me even though im not a "Porsche Guy" this shape of the 911 I find most appealing. Mcdonalds porker

This porsche 911 colour combo is spot on, oozes elegance and class. Classy porker

Players Audi, best shot I could get as it was constantly surrounded by people. players

& Once more that awesome Caddy. Caddy

selection of the car's in another hall A3 etc

I dont like this either, to round & bubbly on chunky lookin' wheels. Looks lazy & does nothing for me White porsche

This TT on the other hand does, I'm not a huge lover of the TT but this looks great, perfectly sat on the Rotiform's, looks aggressive but at the same time looking very pretty. Rofi TT

If I was to build a MK2, this is how it would end up. Perfect. MK2

Local Dub Girl Emma Last's Anniversary emmalast

Now, im not sure if this is a new trend orrrr? but this is first of the "Ute" Golfs im going to picture (will add another later this evening) this one is a MK3 on the Wheel Whores stand and it looked awesome. what a concept, I guess its like a modern day caddy, but i love it. ute 1

I don't care who owns this, it is and probably always will be my favourite modified Volkswagen ever janet

The well traveled Mk1 last seen in Vegas I do believe? mk1

Cheeky Rallye

Ralley full

Back ouside & I spotted this Mk3 representing 6TWO1 outside, always good to see the stickers around, how he drives with those wheels though! please tell me!! how do you not get pulled over?? haha! craziness


Tidy Mk4 Mk4

No idea what front end it is, if i was to take a guess id say a Zender ? but that's only because its the only one I know so I'm probably wrong haha. wierd

Bora on cool wheels, don't know what they are? but, different. I liked it. Bora

Spotted this Lonely C2, I have a huge soft spot for these cars after bombing it around in one for a while whilst I worked at a Car dealership, great fun car. c2

and finally Nath's DC2. looked really good on its BBS RS's. BBS RS

To round it off, I enjoyed it more this year because we could leave when we wanted, but still, the journey is far to long for us & why we do it every year I will never understand. The show itself felt like a catalog or a showcase for Rotiform but that's not necessarily a bad thing as they are great looking wheels. Overall I'm just glad I have a good group of friends that I enjoy just joking around with. Vikki & I also won some money on a joint slot machine too haha. Paid for the day. I also made Nath cry in a game of would you rather. Pure banter.Anyway, I have a few more pictures to upload, but not many, il just update this page later this evening.Thanks for checking. I know my opinions are a bit blunt but I don't feel the need to sugar coat anything just to be able to say hello to a guy with more money than me at a show,  I'd rather be honest so people that cannot attend a show get an opinion from someone who's not fully involved in the scene.  Now show season is here & there are more meets etc I should have a lot more content for everyone. If you see me about & know what I look like please say Hi especially if you have a show worthy car as I am always looking for content.
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