Welcome to Tokyo!

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Tokyo night that is! Not the actual place thats far to much of a trek for a Saturday night out but it was so good to be back at bluewater again with a tonne of hot Japanese metal!OldschoolFirst off, id like to say sorry for the lack of content! I went snowboarding in Austria, on my way back, my hard drive with EVERYTHING on decided to pack up! I honestly thought the world had ended, fortunately though I've managed to recover nearly everything from it and am getting back on track, which is what I need to do right now so here we go..The Bluewater meets for just Honda's where one my first introductions into the Honda modifying world and what a world! I remember back in the day the convoys up & back were amazing, the atmosphere was amazing, until the pikeys & the people that cannot handle all that 1.5 Vxi CRX Del Sol power ruining it for everyone and therefore got us banned.ekNow I'm not sure if we were actually allowed back but I saw on the forums everyone saying "Honda meet at bluewater!!" now after 3 Years I got a lil excited..Later on to find out it was a Jap meet but whatever. I don't discriminate & so I washed the Integra, rounded up the troops & we headed down.rxupon arrival, it was just like old times, no one knowing exactly what car park we were ment to be in, people revving their engines as if there was no tomorrow, everyone getting stressed haha but hey thats part of the fun, everyone settled on the 2nd floor and it was good to just walk around and see what people had to offer!mx5coupe civI'm not sure if I was right to be surprised but I couldn't believe the amount of R35 GTR's that were there, i mean it was nearly on par with the amount of DC5's, im not complaining because I Love em' and if I could afford one id have one in a heartbeat!! but just didn't realise that there were that many about locally!dc2I'll be honest, i don't have a lot to say about the meet, it was good to catch up with some of the guys I've met through the forums n that, but people didn't stick around to late, my photography wasn't on point, which I was disappointed with.CivicPersonal opinion though is that these meets are being held to frequently, Once a Month is not needed in my opinion, i will probably pop down again nearer the summer.Loved this CRX CrxThanks for reading though, hope you've enjoyed the picturesFinal picture